The Avengers: Endgame is one of the most hotly anticipated movies of all time. There have been twenty-one other Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies leading up to this moment, and it all ends here. This is the climax of what has been known as The Infinity Saga.

Needless to say, people have been speculating wildly about what will happen and how it will end, especially after the cliff-hanger at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. But it seems like some of the actors can't be trusted.

Wait until you see how many times Tom Holland almost spoiled the new movie!

Tom Holland first starred in The Impossible.

Tom Holland has only been on the big screen for seven years, but he's already made a pretty big name for himself. His first role was playing the son of Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts in The Impossible. It was known for being a tough movie to make and it was incredibly emotional to watch, but everyone praised Holland for his talent.

What do Billy Elliot and Spider-Man have in common?

He had a slightly different entrance to the world of performing arts than most people. Tom Holland spent two years in the West End in London playing Billy Elliot! It's no wonder that he's so nimble as Spider-Man.

Tom Holland started to become a well-known face on the big screen.

He acted alongside Saiorse Ronan in How I Live Now. This dystopian movie saw Tom play a young boy, welcoming Saoirse's character to his country-side home. Then he had a role in The Lost City of Z alongside Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson. It was already clear that Tom was a major talent to watch out for, and that's when he got the role of Spider-Man.

Spider-Man has long been the key to superhero success.

Spider-Man has been a regular feature on the big screen since Tobey Maguire took the role back in 2003. The Spider-Man movies were among some of the first movies that opened up the superhero world to the general public.

What would it take to earn a spot on the Avengers team?

The role of Spider-Man was taken over by Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man. These films seemed a little more light-hearted than the earlier ones. But although Emma Stone, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, and Rhys Ifans all starred in the movie, it wasn't quite enough to allow the Spider-Man franchise keep up with some of the other superhero movies. Most importantly, it wasn't enough to earn Spidey a place in the Avengers team.

Spider-Man has entered the world of 2-D entertainment.

The thing that's always drawn us to Spider-man is that he's relatable - he's just a normal kid and something weird happens to him. He doesn't have magic powers and he isn't super rich, he's just a product of crazy science. Spider-Man is starting to really take off as a concept. And his relatability is the thing that the incredibly popular, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse draws on. The 2018 movie explores what would happen if Peter Parker wasn't the only person who was bitten by a radioactive spider. We loved it!

Tom Holland is living up to his character's reputation as a trouble-maker.

Tom Holland has now taken over the role of the young Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming. His youth really comes through and he manages to keep the character as earnest and charming as we have come to expect. But it's this youth and charm that's causing trouble; the number of times that he's almost given away spoilers is unbelievable! We've got a clip below to show you. Just keep scrolling!

Was Spider-Man ready to join the Avengers?

Since the arrival of Tom Holland's Spider-Man in the MCU, it seemed clear that he'll come to play a pretty crucial role in the Avenger's team. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, it became clear that Spider-Man had links with the other superheroes, as Tony Stark comes to visit him. It looks like the producers could be starting to regret his presence, though as he keeps getting close to exposing secrets about the movie.

Secrets on social media have played a big part in Tom Holland's life.

It's no wonder that Tom Holland is bad at keeping industry secrets, after all, he found out that he had got the role of Spider-Man through social media. No joke. Watch the video if you don't believe us! The world is a different place for the young Gen Z - he might just think that that's how life works. But he must know that he shouldn't give away the endings to his movies. Wait until you find out how many times Benedict Cumberbatch has had to save him!

The Infinity Saga has been building for over a decade.

Even if you haven't seen the trailer yet (don't worry, we've included it below!), there's no way that you've missed the hype about this latest Avengers movie. Since 2008, there have been twenty-one MCU movies, all leading up to this point. The amount of cross-overs and cameos is insane. They've managed to make it look super realistic, and the superhero movies have been so prolific that it's starting to feel like there really are superheroes ready to save our planet - although the biggest crisis we face right now is the state of environment, and so far the on-screen heroes haven't suggested a solution for that (get a move on, guys).

People are getting seriously excited about the new Avengers: Endgame movie.

On Tuesday, the first pre-sale tickets became available for the opening-weekend screenings of Avengers: Endgame, and the world went crazy. There was a record number of pre-sale tickets sold, and that was just in the first six hours. By the end of the day, people were selling their tickets on eBay. One person even bid $9,199 to go and see the movie! It's one thing to be excited, but that's taking things to another level...

It'll be like a game of Guess Who? of every superhero you've ever loved.

Avengers: Endgame is going to have so many famous faces that it needs every second of the three hours and two minutes, just to give us enough time to spot each one. Seriously though, the movie may be long, but there are going to be ten different MCU movie franchises involved in this climax! When you take into account that there are multiple heroes from Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, and several Agents of Shield, it kind of makes sense!

Here's the trailer so you can start to get excited!

In many ways, this is the epitome of a perfect trailer. It absolutely builds the hype and the tension; there's no way you're going to want to miss it after seeing this! But at the same time, it doesn't give anything away, at all. Think about it; what did you really learn about the plotline from this trailer? It basically just shows us that there'll be loads of superheroes, struggling against evil, with lots of explosions. They could have just used footage from the first Avengers movie.


The producers of Avengers: Endgame have been so excited about this climatic movie, that they have been trying desperately to keep the ending a secret. They even began their own hashtag: #ThanosDemandsYourSilence. The main action they took though was to give people false scripts, or no script at all!

Multiple actors weren't trusted with a real script.

It has long been known that Tom Holland cannot keep a secret, and we'll show you why below. But he's not the only one who can't be trusted. It turns out that neither Paul Bettany, Pom Klementieff, nor Karen Gillan were trusted with the script either. Paul Bettany said that he actually struggled through the same false script twice! There were so many false scripts and secret twists that almost nobody knows what's going to happen in this movie. How exciting is that?

Watch the producers admit that Tom Holland can't be trusted.

It's made very clear in this video that he just can't be trusted! He's not the worst one though. Keep reading to find out who the main culprit is for releasing spoilers of the MCU movies.

The actors have started to feel like the MCU is real life.

The producers, Anthony and Joe Russo, make some good sense when they explain why the actors aren't given a full script. Basically, the actors get so into character and spend so long shooting, that it becomes a huge part of their lives. The more real the character feels, the more the actor puts into it. So when the actors get asked questions, it sort of feels like a part of them, and they forget that it's a story, and more importantly, a surprise. They've decided that it's easiest to just not let the actors know what happens, so they can't spoil it.

He really can't be trusted.

You might have thought that the producers were exaggerating when they said that Tom Holland couldn't be trusted with the full script, but this video says it all. It's incredible to see how many times he slips up and Benedict Cumberbatch has to save him.

Tom Holland is a real-life threat.

This Twitter-user sees it clearly when he points out that the biggest threat to MCU at the moment is actually Tom Holland. It's like he completely forgets that he is in an interview - with an international audience, no less - every single time! And he's not the only one. Wait until you hear what one of the actors did last year.

Benedict Cumberbatch is the real-life hero that we so desperately need.

There's no denying that Benedict Cumberbatch did an amazing job of helping Tom Holland to side-step all the spoilers that he nearly gave away. Even the producers were impressed, saying: "Benedict is a great partner for him on the press tour. Because Benedict is actually very good at dancing around spoilers - and monitoring Tom Holland."

It's pretty funny watching Tom Holland.

This Twitter-user is definitely right; Benedict Cumberbatch very much looks like the older brother sent in to take care of his little bro. It sounds like it would have been even funnier to watch Tom Holland acting. As he didn't have a script, Tom never knew who he was fighting. He would just have to spend fifteen minutes punching an imaginary figure, without even knowing what size they were.

Doctor Strange certainly seems like the right man for the job.

Doctor Strange has only been in two MCU movies so far, but he's made a huge impression. Part of that is because he is not too dissimilar to Benedict Cumberbatch's other roles as a genius in both Sherlock Holmes, and as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game. Life is starting to reflect fiction as he has to keep foreseeing a Tom Holland-spoiler and act quickly to prevent it.

Everyone is in on the game of trying to keep Tom Holland quiet.

Pom Klementieff, from The Guardians of the Galaxy, has also had to jump in to prevent Tom Holland from revealing a spoiler. Almost nobody knows what's going to happen in Avengers: Endgame. They had multiple re-shoots of various scenes, as they kept adapting the storyline. Or at least, that's what the actors were told. It looks like none of them can be trusted with what's going to go down in the climax of The Infinity Saga, and rightly so!

Not everyone wants Tom Holland to be silenced.

As the anticipation continues to build for the release of the finale of this epic saga, a lot of fans are dying to know what's going to happen. They don't care about it being a spoiler for the movie, they just want to know who is going to live or die. But if they really want to know that, then they should look at what this next actor says.

Two words for you: Mark Ruffalo.

When Tom Holland struggles to keep a secret, we blame it on youth or inexperience. But he's not the biggest blabbermouth on set. Mark Ruffalo is the king of spoilers, and there are no excuses worthy of how often he slips up. He just can't keep a secret. Watch the next video to see what we are talking about.

This video is a monumental slip-up.

Avengers: Infinity War, was a movie that the world was incredibly excited for. A lot of new characters were being brought in for it, and it was finally seeing a glimmer of diversity with the introduction of the teams from Black Panther, and The Guardians of the Galaxy. But Mark Ruffalo apparently just couldn't take the tension. Despite the fact that the storyline was going to take a completely unexpected route with a huge cliff-hanger, Ruffalo couldn't leave it as a surprise. He actually gave away the ending in this interview.

It's not the first time that he's slipped up either.

Mark Ruffalo actually live streamed the start of Thor: Ragnarok. It's not even his movie! He was at the premier and was hyping the movie up before it started, saying how excited he was. Then he genuinely forgot that he was live-streaming. That's right. He did a live-stream of the first ten minutes of Thor: Ragnarok, from inside his pocket. That's mind-blowingly poor (but incredibly funny).

Some people think that Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo could be a bit of a dream team.

It certainly seems like the pairing of Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo would cause a serious headache for the producers of any movie. In a way, it's kind of great though; they're obviously both so excited about their work that they just can't help but share it with the world! Some people think that there is a better pairing though...

People want to see Doctor Strange and Spidey together!

After watching the chemistry between Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland in the interviews, people are starting to think that maybe their worlds should collide outside of the Avengers team. What do you think? Would you want to see this movie? And is it even possible?

What's going to happen next?

The idea of a Doctor Strange and Spider-Man sequel isn't as strange as it might seem. These Twitter-users have pointed out that it has happened before, so maybe it will happen again! The only problem will be trying to get to Tom Holland to keep it a secret. But if he's got Benedict Cumberbatch at his side, maybe they'll make it through. Who knows, maybe they've already made it and Cumberbatch has even better control over Holland than we know!