Captain Sir Tom Moore Dies Aged 100 | 22 Words

WWII veteran Captain Tom Moore, who was knighted not too long ago for his huge efforts to help the UK's National Health Service, has passed away.

Here's the full story...

The one-hundred-year-old veteran raised over $40 million for charity throughout the UK's first lockdown.

And his passing has devastated many, with tributes flooding in on social media.

The army veteran made headlines last year when heΒ embarked on one more mission to serve his country during the pandemic.

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Captain Sir Tom Moore from Yorkshire, UK, was posted to India during WWII, and he later fought on the Arakan.

Despite already risking his life to serve his country, Moore had plenty more to give.

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And he came up with his own way of helping the NHS last year.

After attending Grammar School, Moore later completed an apprenticeship as a Civil Engineer...

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Which is no mean feat.

His life took a whole new path when the second world war broke out.

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He went on to being enlisted in the British army at the beginning of the war, and in 1940 was selected for officer training.

More recently, Captain Tom Moore used his time to support Britain's key workers.

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Moore - with help from the more tech-savvy members of his family - set up a fundraiser for all the doctors and nurses risking their lives during this crisis.

It just goes to show, every little helps.

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His goal was to walk one-hundred laps of his garden before he turned one hundred...

Originally, his plan was to raise Β£500,000 ($623,700)...

But his target was soon surpassed.

The entire nation was eager to donate to the veteran...

And BBC reporter, Dan Walker, revealed the site had crashed due to such high demand.

He had nothing but good words to say about the UK's National Health Service.

He said: "When you think about who it's for, those brave and super doctors and nurses we've got, I think they deserve every penny.

"I hope we get some more for them too."

The donations were building by the day...

In total, on top of completing his challenge, Captain Tom Moore raised over forty million dollars.

But sadly, over the weekend, we got the news that Captain Tom Moore had been hospitalized with COVID.

In a statement shared to his social media channels, Tom's daughter revealed that he had been hospitalised with the virus.

"He was at home with us until today when he needed additional help with his breathing. He is being treated in a ward, although he is not in ICU."

"The medical care he has received in the last few weeks has been remarkable and we know that the wonderful staff at Bedford Hospital will do all they can to make him comfortable and hopefully return home as soon as possible.

"We understand that everyone will be wishing him well.

"We are of course focusing on my father and will update you when we are able to."

And now, just days later...

His family have revealed that he has sadly passed away in a simple social media post, which you can view above.

Rest in peace, Captain Sir Tom Moore. A true hero.

Our deepest condolences go out to his family and friends.