Tomi Lahren Accidentally Calls Trump a Clown In Huge Halloween Fail

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Guys, Tomi Lahren has done it again. She’s really put her foot in it. The 26-year-old Fox Nation host is no stranger to controversy. She’s been embroiled in it since day one. She seems to revel in it, honestly. And I’m sure she thought she was doing something revolutionary when she donned this year’s Halloween costume. But she got her wires crossed. Real crossed.

Let’s go back in time for a little history lesson to unravel how badly she screwed this one up…

It all started with Kathy Griffin.

In May of 2017, comedian and social media provocateur, Kathy Griffin, posted a photo (taken by frequent celeb collaborator Tyler Shields) of herself holding up a fake decapitated head fashioned to look like President Donald Trump.

It caused quite an uproar.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Shields gave some background on the inspiration for the shocking photo:
We’d been talking about doing something and she said to me, “I’m not afraid to get political if you want or make a statement if you want.” It’s always a collaborative process, especially with someone like Kathy, but it was one of those things where we didn’t know exactly what we were gonna do until we got there. Then, once we got there, it just kind of escalated into that. There were a bunch of different ideas thrown around and then, I was like, “This is the one we gotta do.”

The photo sparked a nation-wide debate about the boundaries of art and artists in a time of political turmoil.

The ensuing controversy caused Griffin to lose her job as one of the hosts of CNN’s New Year’s Eve party. Griffin issued a formal apology, and then in August, retracted it, saying “I am no longer sorry, the whole outrage was BS.”  

Cut to present day. The Most Hated Girl on the Internet, Tomi Lahren, has decided on her 2018 Halloween costume.

Did she pick something cute? Something funny? Something scary?

Nope. She picked something stupid.

Lahren decided to go as Kathy Griffin. Except she got a critical part of the costume wrong. In Griffin’s version, the head is Trump. So by the transitive property (and some light common sense), if Tomi Lahren = Kathy Griffin, the terrifying clown head would = Trump’s decapitated head. Lahren is saying that Trump is a deranged clown.

Unfortunately, she seemed to miss the point of her own costume entirely.

Oddly, her caption on Instagram reads, “He ruined me. Sometimes I do things and you may wonder, Kathy, where is your head at? Well folks, I’m taking matters into my own hands. Yes, some may say I am looking more and more like Ronald McDonald by the day and you’re not wrong. BUT I will stand here with my head held high! Happy Halloween from all of us infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome! MAGA! #TeamTomi #happyhalloween #KathyGriffin #PrayersforRonald #tagKathy” Is this an attempt at sarcasm? On Twitter, her caption was more direct. It simply read, “Trump Derangement Syndrome. Happy Halloween @kathygriffin ?”

But the barbs didn’t end there. Griffin responded on Twitter.

Griffin didn’t pull any punches in her reply, calling Lahren a “dumb, racist, talentless hack.”

Instead of letting it go, Lahren replied with the following statement:

The “Xoxo” really is the cherry on this terrible, terrible sundae. Just another day in Trump’s America, I guess!