Totally Boop-able Noses You Won't Be Able to Resist | 22 Words

Well, friends, I've done it.

I've found the best Instagram account on the whole dang Internet. If you like dogs and cuteness and smiling, then I think you'll agree that the @boopmynose account is the best thing to happen to Instagram since...well, maybe ever.

Dog-lovers already know the supreme pleasure of boops. If you're not familiar with the concept, a boop is when you touch a dog's nose with your finger. Sometimes you say the word "boop" out loud. You can also do boop animals that are not dogs. Or even humans! It may seem like a very small and simple action — and it is — but the payoff is immeasurable.

But you can you only boop your own dog's nose so many times a day. And what if you don't have a dog at home? Don't worry. @boopmynose has you covered. Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram!

Ready to boop?

Of course you are. That's why you're here, right? I bet you can't scroll through the rest of these pictures without giving at least one of them a boop.

The @boopmynose Instagram account is basically heaven.

Every day, they post several close-up pictures of dogs' snouts. (Or snoots, if you prefer.)

It's really quite clever.

The true genius lies in the fact that when you double tap an Instagram picture, you also give it a "like." Personally, there's no other account that gets my "likes" faster than this one.

Look at these teefs!

I am not exaggerating when I say that I send my husband several @boopmynose posts per week. He's probably getting a little sick of them, so that's why I'm sharing them with you today.


I'm guessing that booping this nose gets you some good luck for the rest of the day. Couldn't hurt, right?

Oh my gosh.

That tongue! I love it.

@boopmynose doesn't post dog snoots exclusively, though!

Every once in a while, a cat finds its way into the mix. This is Dante the Bombay cat.

And here's a cow!

Did you ever realize how cute cow noses were until this very second? Do I want a pet cow?!

Want to boop a horse?

Of course! I'm sure this nose is super velvety soft.

They even have piggy snouts!

I've never been this close to a pig snout, but I look forward to repeating the experience as soon as possible.

How about an alpaca?

OK, I actually did already know that alpaca noses are super cute, but I am very glad for the reminder all the same.

And a kangaroo!

I'm pretty sure looking at a kangaroo nose through your phone screen is the only safe way to do it. I hear they kick.

While the other animals are great, the pups are definitely my favorite.

Look at this lil sleepy gal! Don't you just wanna snuggle her so much?

A rare triple boop!

Boop! Boop! Boop! Well, that's my exercise for the day.

Here's a flower for you!

I also really love how @boopmynose tags the actual dog accounts in the caption whenever possible. I have started following quite a few pups' accounts thanks to that practic.

Sleepy boop.

Is it just me, or you can you actually hear the snoring in this picture? Weird.


Careful when you boop this nose! Don't wanna squish the ladybugs!

Have you ever seen so many wrinkles?!

Simply booping is not enough. I want to squish my whole face in there.

More teefs!

I also really appreciate that the account includes the breed info for every dog! It has honestly helped me get better at identifying dog breeds.

A Newfie boop!

As we've already established, Newfies are basically the greatest dogs ever. This post just provides further (unnecessary) proof.

I cannot handle this one.

Those eyes. That tongue. I am a wreck.


This pup obviously got into some sprinkles. Must be a special occasion.

Here's another messy pup.

Something tells me the sprinkles probably taste a little bit better than the sand. Both are very cute, though!

"Boop me, please."

Koda the cocker spaniel is just begging for a boop in this picture. I suppose I'll have to do my part.

Say cheese!

This is pretty much the same face my dog makes whenever cheese is mentioned.

So handsome!

Are boxers a handsome dog, or the most handsome dog? Let me know in the comments.

Just having some fun.

Leaf me alone! Just kidding! Boop my nose, please!

Stretchy smile.

My face made pretty much this exact same expression after seeing this picture. What a coincidence!

What a goober.

This is the goodest, goobiest goof. I can just tell.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed scrolling through these boopable noses!

Be sure to give the Instagram account a follow! And share this with someone who loves dogs!