Dog Finds Favorite Toy in Rubble of Australia Bushfires | 22 Words

Australia is suffering immensely at the moment with the out of control bushfires that have been burning for months now.

Not only are the people of Australia struggling, but the wildlife has truly taken a hit.

The community has come together to do its best to help the animals in Australia, taking them in and looking after them but ultimately animals including pets have lost their homes.

One dog was taken back to his home after his owners' house burnt down and in a heartwarming moment caught on a photo, he finds his favorite toy.

Keep reading to see the pictures.


Australia is currently in a crisis.

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The country is facing its worst bushfire crisis in decades, and the results so far have been catastrophic - twenty-nine people have died, over 5,900 buildings have been destroyed, and thousands of people's lives have been changed forever.

But it's safe to say that the Australian wildlife has had the hardest hit...

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Heartbreaking statistics this week found that 1 billion animals have died since the fires started back in September of 2019.

But despite this tragic loss...

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The people of Australia have been working tirelessly to save as many animals as possible, so keep scrolling for some truly incredible photographs...

Meet Bear the Koala Rescue Dog...

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Bear, along with his handlers, has been working non-stop at the aid of koala bears in need.

Teenagers used their car as a koala rescue device...

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In the end, the car was filled with some (slightly confused) koala bears and they were driven to their nearest koala sanctuary.

A home invasion in Cudlee Creek, South Australia...

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A kind soul invited this little group of koala bears into their home to escape the unbearable heat in a garden.

A kangaroo is beyond dehydrated...

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And despite their usually timid nature, it approaches a helpful young man who is offering the creature some ice-cold water.

A quick update...

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The fortunate kangaroo even got an ice bath out of it!

A koala is carried to safety by a brave firefighter...

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The firefighters of Australia have truly made a difference by saving countless people and animals over the months.

A selfless young man went out into the boiling-hot forest to find any vulnerable animals...

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And he returned with this little guy!

This koala was named "Tinny Arse"...

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He was rescued by a volunteer in a fire zone and he hitched a ride to the nearest animal sanctuary after being given a cold bottle of water.

The Irwin family has helped so much towards wildlife...

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They have already helped over 90,000 animals, and they still continue to work non-stop amidst the growing fires.

The Irwins are the people that the Australian wildlife need...

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And they will always make sure that no animal is left behind or forgotten about.

It isn't just us humans who are rescuing...

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This sheep-dog helped save a flock of sheep from the bushfires!

The dog used its initiative and hard-working attitude...

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The sheep had a very narrow escape, as you can see from the smokey skies.

Some kind volunteer firefighters use their helmet as a make-shift bed...

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For a possum!

So many volunteer firefighters have put their lives on the line...

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And here's a volunteer in Victoria who just saved a joey.

This little koala joey weighs less than a bag of sugar...

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The joey has been named Haze and he was rescued by another amazing volunteer firefighter - as you can see, he's been kept nice and warm in a knitted pouch.

Who could forget the woman who saved a koala bear with her own t-shirt?

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The brave woman ran into the burning forest and used her own clothes to wrap up the little koala, who was later named Lewis. Sadly, Lewis later passed away from his injuries, but all the credit goes to this selfless and incredible woman.

An Australian zookeeper saved his animals by taking them home...

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Yes, that's giraffes you see wandering around in his back yard.

But whilst some animals were lucky enough to be saved by being taken to a home.

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Others were returning home to nothing.

For many, their homes have been completely destroyed by the fires.

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Including one family, the Zagami's and their pet dog OJ, who returned to their family home and were not met by much.

The family who live in Wairewa, Australia had their home ravaged by the fires.

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And returned to see if they would be able to salvage anything from the wreckage.

But unfortunately, there seemed to be little left that wasn't damaged in the fire.

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Everything appeared to be broken or burnt.

Or so they thought...

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Until Golden Retriever OJ, spotted something.

Amongst the rubble, OJ managed to spot his stuffed toy.

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And the moment was fortunate enough to be captured on camera by Melbourne based 7News reported Louisa Cheatley.

The pictures soon spread, with WeRateDogs tweeting about it saying.

"This is OJ. After safely evacuating, he and his family returned to their home in Wairewa, Australia yesterday to find it entirely destroyed by the fires. But amongst the rubble, OJ found his favorite toy had survived. 14/10 never letting it go again."

The response stressed the importance of sharing heartwarming stories like this at a hard time.

Whilst others wanted to help the family, setting up a donation page for them to rebuild their house and buy OJ new toys.

Help that they will need, as according to ABC News the Zagami’s home was one of 11 in Wairewa that was completely burnt down.

As well as their house, they also lost their farm and are expected to be millions out of pocket.

In all the bad that has happened to Australia, hearing things like this helps to bring back some positivity.

Some much-needed positivity.