Touching Photos of Animals Being Saved From Australian Bushfires Rage Show the Very Best of Humanity

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Australia is suffering immensely at the moment with the out of control bushfires that have been burning for months now.

Not only are the people of Australia struggling, but the wildlife has truly taken a hit.

Keep scrolling to see some incredible pictures of how the Australian community have come together to save their native animals…

The country is facing its worst bushfire crisis in decades, and the results so far have been catastrophic – twenty-eight people have died, over 2,000 homes have been destroyed, and thousands of people’s lives have been changed forever.

Heartbreaking statistics this week found that 1 billion animals have died since the fires started back in September of 2019.

The people of Australia have been working tirelessly to save as many animals as possible, so keep scrolling for some truly incredible photographs…

Bear, along with his handlers, has been working non-stop at the aid of koala bears in need.

In the end, the car was filled with some (slightly confused) koala bears and they were driven to their nearest koala sanctuary.

A kind soul invited this little group of koala bears into their home to escape the unbearable heat in a garden.

A kangaroo is beyond dehydrated…

And despite their usually timid nature, it approaches a helpful young man who is offering the creature some ice-cold water.

The fortunate kangaroo even got an ice bath out of it!

The firefighters of Australia have truly made a difference by saving countless people and animals over the months.

And he returned with this little guy!

He was rescued by a volunteer in a fire zone and he hitched a ride to the nearest animal sanctuary after being given a cold bottle of water.

The Irwin family has helped so much towards wildlife…

They have already helped over 90,000 animals, and they still continue to work non-stop amidst the growing fires.

And they will always make sure that no animal is left behind or forgotten about.

This sheep-dog helped save a flock of sheep from the bushfires!

The sheep had a very narrow escape, as you can see from the smokey skies.

For a possum!

And here’s a volunteer in Victoria who just saved a joey.

The joey has been named Haze and he was rescued by another amazing volunteer firefighter – as you can see, he’s been kept nice and warm in a knitted pouch.

The brave woman ran into the burning forest and used her own clothes to wrap up the little koala, who was later named Lewis. Sadly, Lewis later passed away from his injuries, but all the credit goes to this selfless and incredible woman.

An Australian zookeeper saved his animals by taking them home

Yes, that’s giraffes you see wandering around in his back yard.

via : VOA

Adelaide Hills are a pretty dangerous place to be right now, so this little guy was very lucky to be picked up by his rescuers.

The Irwins at Australia Zoo have treated over 100 bats who all deserve a second chance at life.

Including providing a refreshing drink for this dehydrated kangaroo.

And this koala got very lucky in South Australia.

This koala, who is named Dolly, was very distressed but after a cold bath in a wheelbarrow to cool her feet down, she soon settled down after a drink and some pain relief before being transferred to a koala sanctuary.

The blankets were used for orphaned bats at the Bat Conservation in NSW.

So a travel filmmaker saved him and took him to safety.

We have no words for this.

The Australian community has worked tirelessly to save their wildlife, and they continue to do so. We continue to pray for Australia.