A thirteen-year-old boy has melted the hearts of the internet after he traded in his Xbox and did yard work in order to help buy his mom a car.

Krystal Preston and her 3 children recently found themselves struggling after having to start life over suddenly.

Krystal's thirteen-year-old son, William Preston, could see the difficulty his mom was going through trying to feed them all and keep a roof over their heads with no means of transportation, so he decided to help out. The teen set his sights on buying his mom a car to help her with transportation.

"I saw on YouTube where people get their mom a car and then surprise her with it," William told KOLO-TV. "I wanted to do that."

William began searching on Facebook to find an affordable car and eventually, he found a woman selling a 1999 white Chevrolet Metro.

"It was really cheap so I asked her if I could trade it or earn it, and at first she said no, but after she thought about it, then she said yes," William explained.

And that's where William began his yard work, he traded in his Xbox and started to save up.

Unaware of what her son had done, Krystal was utterly shocked to find out she had a new car waiting for her.

William told his mom the exciting news and then led her outside to where the seller stood waiting to take the pair to pick up the car.

"I lost it, I bawled, I was just like, there's no way," Krystal said. "And then she gave me the paperwork and the keys."

"The fact that my kid did this, I'm proud but as a mom, I'm supposed to be able to take care of my kids, I'm supposed to do this, not the other way around," Krystal said.

"What thirteen-year-old buys their mom a car? I don't know any. I can't even express it; there are no words that can express my gratitude and how proud I am."

Krystal shared William's incredible story and it soon attracted a lot of attention.

A GoFundMe page was set up for the Preston family in which Krystal explained that William loves to help people.

"He does all kinds of work and loves to learn new trades then he even got awarded a trip for a week by the city of Fernley for helping around town and cleaning up the streets and yards of many people," she wrote. "He is always trying to make people smile. William is always on the move and wants to help and make people smile. And that's why you are now even reading this is because William helped me his mom in a way that is unremarkable and so inspiring and loving. I'm very proud of him."

The page has now surpassed its target of $13,000.