A couple has recently gone viral after a tragic photo of them circulated. What should have been the happiest moment of their life was marred by tragedy.

Many of us dream of getting married.

Finding that special someone is what life is all about!

But before you can actually get there...

Engagement is the first step in the process.

Getting the engagement right is tricky.

And one tragic story has gone viral this week.

A couple were photographed after becoming engaged.

But moments later, a huge tragedy struck.

Larissa Campos shared her horrifying story...

...Which is honestly the stuff of nightmares.

25-year-old Larissa Campos shared the story of João Guilherme.

He'd asked her to marry him, kissed her on the forehead, posed for a picture, then gone for a swim.

"After the click, he took off his shirt and went into the water along with our friends."

"They started playing fast swim and getting to another bank."

"Almost all gave up and just him and my brother-in-law Gabriel left."

Shortly after, the group began to hear the pair calling out for help.

Gabriel managed to cling to a tree, but João did not.

"While firefighters weren't here, we looked everywhere, but to no avail."

"Almost 1 h30 after the fire department arrived, divers found his body."

"We are all numbed, discredited, but with a firm hope that he will be our strength and take care of us."

Here's the tragic final image of the pair.

Our condolences are with those involved in this horrible accident.