There's something about a near miss that just makes us feel alive! And one that's gone viral this week might be one the best yet. A train and a huge statue of a whale sounds like a recipe for disaster, but what actually happens makes for some pretty relieving viewing. Scroll on for the story that's got the whole internet talking.

There's something thrilling about a near miss.

Flirting with danger but facing none of the consequences is the best of both worlds, in a way.

Whether it's a cooking "close one ..."

Nearly dropping something you've spent hours carefully crafting really gets your blood racing.

Or narrowly avoiding injury...

Nothing like nearly being smacked with a ball to get your heart pumping - but with none of the pain.

But the scariest near-miss of all?

Well, that would have to be any involving a vehicle - because the stakes are just that little bit too high.

And that's what makes the relief so palpable.

And one particular near-miss really shocked the internet this week.

It's really captured the internet's attention.

Because it was just so ... close!

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The sculpture in question sits outside a train station in Rotterdam, Amsterdam.

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The 2 tails sit at the end of the line.

They stand ten meters off the ground.

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The sculpture is by Maarten Struijs, creatively named 'Whale Tails', and was installed in 2002.

The train derailed at around 11:30 pm last night.

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Luckily, there were no passengers aboard the train, and the driver was quickly taken to hospital.

Here's the crazy image.

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It's currently not known how exactly the authorities are planning on attempting to get the train down once more. Fancy another incredible near-miss? Scroll on...