Thousands gathered in Brooklyn, New York, on Sunday to march in support of trans rights and demand for female trans athletes to be able to compete in women's teams.

The march started on Sunday outside the Brooklyn Museum, with protesters asked to wear white clothing and face masks during the demonstration aimed at showing support for the trans community.

"We are here to claim space," said Shéár Avory, who is transgender and nonbinary.

"We are here to say that we have a right not just to survive, but to thrive; to demand that our movements show up and center us."

This comes after legislation that targets transgender students appears to be sweeping the nation.

Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Florida, Montana, Tennessee, Idaho, and West Virginia have already passed legislation banning students that were assigned male at birth from playing sports against female students.

"Trans youth absolutely deserve to play sports just like I did, just like I do," said Schuyler Bailar, who describes himself as a queer Korean American transgender man of color, "Trans kids deserve that space."

Bailar competed in his college swim team as an openly transgender man and is worried about the implications of the new legislation.

However, supporters argue that they need to keep sports fair, stating that biologically born women would be at a disadvantage against transgender female athletes who were born male.


President Joe Biden previously urged Congress to protect LGBTQ+ people from discrimination by passing the Equality Act and highlighted a lack of protection they have across many states.

Raquel Willis, a black transgender activist, said she believes the state legislature is what's causing violence against trans people.

"When we talk about the epidemic of violence plaguing Black trans women and brown trans women, that is so tied to the violence and the psychological distress that trans youth are facing," Willis said.

At least twenty-eight gender-nonconforming and trans people have been killed here in the U.S just this year, according to the Human Rights Campaign - this makes 2021 one of the worst years ever for anti-trans violence.

Well, let's hope that a difference will soon be made and transgender people will have the same rights as everyone else.