A transgender woman's boyfriend has shared why people questioning their relationship is "disgusting."

It comes after a comment on their TikTok video suggested that he would not continue a relationship with her if he knew she was trans.


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Now, let's start with the facts.


What exactly is gender dysphoria?

Gender dysphoria involves a conflict between a person's sex and the gender with which he, she, or they identify with.

People with gender dysphoria experience high levels of discomfort with their own bodies, and they often report feeling as if it isn't their own.

It is more commonly known as being "transgender."


Support is one of the most important things for anyone coming out as trans...

Thankfully, there are countless organizations around the world that work hard together purely to support the transgender community.


And the LGBTQ+ community is bigger than ever today.

But, despite the ever growing community, some people are still ignorant...

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Particularly when it comes to relationships.

Jayde Mcfarlane is a TikToker who shares sketches about her life as a trans woman.

Often joined alongside her is her boyfriend, Tyler.

The couple recently went viral after responding to a comment that suggested Jayde must keep her identity secret from Tyler...

And that if he knew Jayde was trans, he would not continue the relationship with her.

In a TikTok responding to a comment that said "I don't think he knows have you told him," Jayde asks Tyler if he knows she is trans.


And Tyler's response has captured the hearts of the internet...

Tyler responded to Jayde confirming that he knows.


"I know that you're a perfect, beautiful woman, and you always have been," he said.

Tyler then took it a step further to explain why the questioning of their relationship is "disgusting."


"First off, I want to say trans women are real women," he began.

"They're completely valid in their femininity. And the fact that people think that just because someone's trans and I found out or anyone found out that their significant other is trans that would take away or diminish the love they have for them, completely disgusting to me."


"People take out their own insecurities and things they're worried about from their past, and try to apply it to this situation, is just disgusting," he continued.

"Just because you're unhappy in life doesn't mean we need to be, too."


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