Trans Woman Hits Out After Railway Staff ‘Repeatedly Misgender Her’

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A transgender woman has hit out after railway staff “repeatedly misgender her” – despite her correcting them.

Eden Vickerman was traveling through a railway station in Manchester, U.K, when the incident occurred.

When she arrived at the station, she was informed that there was a problem with her ticket.
“A woman scanned it and then passed me over to 2 men who were working at the ticket desk,” she explained to the Manchester Evening News.

One the workers she was passed over to then began to explain to Eden that she should have boarded a certain train – before he started misgendering her.

“He said to me: ‘Yes, sir, you have to board that specific train’.”

“I was literally standing in front of him with a ponytail, acrylic nails and a bra on – all the signs were there.”

Eden tried correct the staff member however, he continued to misgender her.
“I think he was training the other worker because everything I was saying, he was relaying it back and explaining all while calling me ‘he’ and ‘sir’,” she explained.

Eden continued to correct the man but after correcting him 5 times, she began to grow annoyed.

“Oh my god, it’s she,” she told the staff member.
“He just looked me up and down and tutted and looked at his colleagues as if he couldn’t understand the point I was trying to make. He said something along the lines of ‘man, woman, whatever! God, what’s the world coming to, eh?’.”

Although Eden left the station to begin with, she later returned to find out the staff members details so that she could complain.

The company has since apologised to Eden and said they are investigating the incident and will take “appropriate action once this investigation is complete,” the MEN reports.

Following the incident, Eden took to Instagram to talk about her experience.

“It’s interesting because their [Northern Rail] latest posts on Instagram are all to do with Pride Month. This just happens all too much – all these companies support Pride and express their love for LGBTQ+ people but then they don’t know how to communicate with trans people. I shouldn’t have to say it but it really is just one of those things that we’ve come to expect.”

Quite predictably, Eden said the incident has left her feeling anxious.

“People might think it’s not a big deal but it really is. It’s not just a case of being misgendered once, it happened repeatedly in a public place where no one thought to intervene,” she said.
“It’s just frustrating because when you’re trying so hard to be perceived as the gender that you are and trying to meet expectations of how people view you, it just completely undermines it all. I just had facial surgery seven months ago, I’ve legally changed my name and I’m on hormones every day yet people still decide to ignore what they see in front of them. It’s just unfair. It’s really, really unfair.”
Well, hope Eden receives the apology she deserves and that, most importantly, this never happens again.