Transgender Cyclist Defends Her World Title Win After Donald Trump Jr. Calls It Trash

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The world has certainly been divided after the transgender cyclist, Rachel McKinnon won her second world title in the sport on Saturday. Many argued that, because McKinnon is biologically born as a male, she has an unfair advantage over the other female contestants.

McKinnon, who began her transition to female back in 2012, has received a barrage of hateful messages and abuse following her win, with many arguing that, due to her being born biologically male, she has an unfair advantage in the sport.

And now, she has been forced to defend her world title win at the Masters Track World Championships after the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr. called her win “bulls***”, and said that it “will destroy women’s sports.”

Keep scrolling to read about the issue, and to see Rachel’s scathing response…

The Canadian philosophy professor knew she was trans from around the age of thirteen, but “took sixteen more years to actually come to terms with it.”

And she announced to the world that she was female after completing her Ph.D. Speaking about her journey, McKinnon explained, “I started my transition right before I finished my Ph.D. and came out to the world two days after I defended my dissertation.”

And has written numerous papers and given lectures on the topic of transgender athletes in sports.

Last year, in October 2018, Rachel became the first transgender athlete to win a world cycling championship, taking the Masters age 35-44 world title in the sprint competition at the VELO Sports Center in Carson, California.

And on Saturday, Rachel bagged her second world title.

She won her second gold medal at the Masters Track World Championships on October 19th, competing in the female 35-39 age category sprint.

After she made it around the 200m course in just 11.649 seconds.

Taking to Instagram, she wrote, “This jersey, these medals, and this world record mean a whole lot more to me than my first. There were many more barriers this year, a much bigger spotlight, truly incessant hate and people doing everything in their power to have me banned, make me fail, and make me quit.” “But I didn’t. And I won’t.”

Many people think that, because Rachel was biologically born as a male, she has an unfair advantage against the other women competing.

When she was asked if she accepted it is possible that transgender women retained a physical advantage over cis female competitors (the term used to describe someone who identifies as the same gender they were assigned at birth), McKinnon replied, “Is it possible? Yes, it is possible. But there are elite track cyclists who are bigger than me.”

“There’s a stereotype that men are always stronger than women, so people think there is an unfair advantage. By preventing trans women from competing or requiring them to take medication, you’re denying their human rights.”

With many people slamming the athlete for choosing to race in the female category rather than the male, despite knowing that her biologically male body will give her an athletic advantage over the other contestants.

The President’s overly-vocal son, Donald Trump Jr. Taking to Twitter, Trump Jr. vented, “Anyone want to guess why??? This BS will destroy women’s sports and everything so many amazing female athletes have worked their entire lives to achieve. I couldn’t care less how you identify, but this isn’t right.”

He kept up the tirade, by dubbing McKinnon’s blatant “male privilege” as “sad”, and later writing: “You can never be woke enough! Sorry to all female athletes who spent their lives mastering their games.”

And shared their own thoughts on the credibility of a sport that allows biologically male athletes to compete with women.

And reminded him to accept people for who they are.

Because, despite her transition, it is undeniable that she naturally has a male body, and the years of testosterone produced is bound to have given her a larger, more muscular physique.

Taking to Twitter, the professor wrote, “Pssst. I was competing prior to the IOC’s 2015 update to their trans policy. I met the older, more restrictive 2003 policy. Y’all don’t have a problem with testosterone levels, you have a problem with trans women period. Lowering the testosterone limit won’t affect me.”

So, therefore, she believes that she should be grouped in the same category as the other women.

As per the rules from the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), transgender athletes are permitted to compete in women’s events if their testosterone levels are lower than ‘five nanomoles per liter of blood.’  

McKinnon told BUSINESS INSIDER that her treatment illustrates the “dictionary definition of transphobia.” She said, “We should never deny people’s rights because a select few, in theory, could commit fraud… The idea we should ban all immigrants because one or two might be terrorists is the height of racism, bigotry, and xenophobia. So their argument is the very definition of an irrational fear of trans women, the dictionary definition of transphobia.” This year has had big news for trans people all over the world – Including the first successful birth from a trans man. Keep scrolling for more…