Woman’s ‘Traveling as a Fat Person’ Series Highlights Issues in the Hotel Industry and It’s Eye-Opening

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“Traveling as a Fat Person” is a TikTok series that is gaining a lot of attention recently…

And it’s all because of one woman… Meet Mary Fran Donnelly!

Mary is a teacher and a body positivity advocate whose “Traveling as a Fat Person” series has highlighted prominent issues within the hotel industry and it has gained the attention of over 6 million people on TikTok.

The series initially started when Mary Fran was on vacation with her family.

She and her sister were left shocked and appalled at how the hotel room was designed so they decided to share their revelations with other social media users.
It all started with the bathroom:
“Let’s take a look at the bathroom,” Mary Fran said in the opening of her first video in the series, “Would you like to take a pee or a poop? Don’t worry — you’ll barely fit.”

She then moved from the toilet to the small shower and grabbed a towel to show everyone how it feels, as a bigger girl, to dry off.

“It won’t fit,” she says as she pulls it around her body.
There is no way that towel is meant for the body, is it? It literally looks like a hand towel!

Pool towels weren’t any better either…

While they provided a tad bit more coverage, they were still extremely difficult to cover with.
“After a swim, maybe you want to go sit on the balcony,” the twenty-year-old said next, hoping to enjoy one of the amenities that came with her room. “Oh look, a lovely table with a chair. Will it house me? I’m not too sure.”
As she sat down, you could see the discomfort on her face, sarcastically referring to the chair as “stable.”

Each example shows the world how many challenges bigger folks have to face because places are not considerate about one’s size.

Mary Fran told Buzzfeed that she often feels like a burden while she’s traveling.
“I donʻt travel alone because I worry about strangers being upset about sitting next to me on a plane. [I also wonder,] will the seat be uncomfortable? Will the seat belt fit? Will the towel fit at the hotel? Will the chairs at the pool hold me? Will the tables at the hotel restaurant be comfortable?” she said.

Raising awareness on the issue over TikTok showed just how many other people suffer the same way.

There were thousands of comments under the videos expressing how much they agreed with Mary Fran and her sister.
“I don’t think [the challenges I pointed out] cross the minds of most,” Mary Fran shared with the outlet, “But I think that it’s time that [they] do. Body shapes and image have become so relevant in recent years that there isn’t any excuse as to why hotel and travel industries cannot begin to reevaluate their practices. Fat, plus-size people deserve to be seen as valid human beings in an industry that should cater to everyone’s size and physical needs.”