Ah, to be Kylie Jenner. Not only does she have the world's cutest baby and a cosmetics empire valued at over one billion dollars, she also has the type of boyfriend to surprise her with a gift that costs more money that most of us can ever dream of having.

But not only does she get showered with gifts, it seems that this one was for almost no reason at all. She showed off her "spontaneous" present on social media - and people cannot believe it.

In Kylie's defense, though, this gift is hardly a one-off. She and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, seem to be in the habit of dropping a dime on random displays of affection for each other. And, let's be honest, if we were the world's youngest self-made billionaire, we'd probably do the same.

Kylie Jenner lives a pretty blessed life.

From birth, she's essentially been able to make money just by rights of her name. While growing up in the public eye is likely no picnic, it certainly means one thing...

No member of this famous family have ever had to worry about money.

They've all enjoyed a super-luxe lifestyle, with all the clothes, cars, jewelry, and vacations that anyone could ask for.

And Kylie is arguably the most successful sister.

Earlier this year, Forbes revealed her to be the youngest self-made billionaire ever, beating out the previous title holder, Mark Zuckerberg.

In large part, this is thanks to one venture.

Kylie Cosmetics launched in 2015 and is one of the most successful and fast-growing beauty companies of the moment; it has certainly earned Kylie a pretty penny!

And it's clear that Kylie enjoys the fruits of her labor.

She has a pretty exceptionally lavish lifestyle, much of which she documents on her social media accounts. Let's be honest, it's pretty jealousy-inducing.

It's hard to deny, most of us would like to live a day in her shoes.

In the world of Kylie, life seems to be an endless string of luxurious vacations, fancy events, star-studded parties, and fabulous gifts.

And on top of her material wealth, Kylie has also found love.

She met her current boyfriend, Travis Scott, in 2017 at music festival, Coachella, and the pair quickly became inseparable.

The relationship moved fairly quickly.

The two went public at the Met Gala in the same year, and many speculate that the pair will marry soon.

But the two are already pretty serious.

In February of 2018, Kylie gave birth to the couple's first child, a daughter named Stormi Webster. In one of the best publicity stunts in recent memory, Kylie managed to keep her entire pregnancy secret.

And, as you may expect from a young couple in love with plenty of disposable income, they love to spoil each other.

Take Mothers' Day earlier this year. Travis took the reigns and managed to pull together a day for Kylie which can only be described as amazing.

She returned from a stroll with their daughter to an incredible surprise.

The pool in her backyard was surrounded by huge and extravagant flower displays, plus giant white balloons. He also treated her to a private beachside dinner.

But (of course) that wasn't all.

For her Mother's Day gift, Kylie also received an incredibly expensive pink crocodile skin Hermes Birkin bag, valued at around $50,000.

It's clear that the pair are fans of spoiling one another.

And it's definitely a two-way street. Kylie also enjoys splashing the cash on Travis and isn't afraid to go the extra mile to make sure that he feels as spoiled as she does.

Something that Kylie proved on Travis's birthday this year.

She threw the star an incredible over-the-top party and showered him with luxurious (and expensive) gifts.

The party was themed according to Travis's record label, Cactus Jack.

And according to social media, the party was loaded with custom drinks, a room set up to look like a gas station, and pairs of Travis' Nike-collab sneakers as decoration.

On top of the party, there was (of course) gifts.

Kylie chose a giant flower display in the shape of a sneaker, alongside a humungous sneaker-themed cake. But that wasn't all.

Kylie also bought Travis a Lamborghini, obviously.

Because, of course, every twenty-one-year-old can afford to gift their boyfriend an Italian luxury sports car, right?

The party went down a storm on social media.

The pair have only been together for a little over two years, but they've been on such a journey along the way. Even if you take their shared child out of the equation, the gifts alone suggest pretty intense feelings.

Not to mention displays like this.

On top of the party and the car, Kylie also rented a billboard to show the world that it was Travis' birthday and that she really, really loves him.

Plus, she threw a more intimate, kid-friendly, second party.

This one, unlike the blowout that was his first party, was more suitable for attendance by Stormi, and was Avengers themed.

We're pretty impressed.

Since this couple seem to love doing things for each other, and essentially have an unlimited budget, the sky's really the limit when it comes to the couples' gifts.

Which means there are a lot of great examples of extravagance.

But this latest one has really shocked the internet, thanks to its incredibly high price tag, and clear depiction of flashiness.

But that's not the only reason that the internet is surprised.

The real reason this gift is so shocking? Well, it's that it appears to have been given for absolutely no reason at all.

Kylie got this gift totally spontaneously.

via: Getty Images

Which wouldn't be too shocking, if it was a bunch of flowers or candy bar. But it was actually something incredibly extortionate and left the public with their jaws on the floor.

Here's the gift in question.

The "spontaneous gift" is an incredibly pricey watch (dripping in diamonds) - with a reported one hundred thousand dollar price tag.

Here's the watch!

via: Hush Hush

It's thought to be a 37mm Pink gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, of which a standard model retails for around $45,000.

But, of course, that wasn't enough for Travis.

He customized the already-luxurious watch by covering it in diamonds - doubling the price tag in the process!

Which means that this gift much have cost a pretty insane amount of money.

Although, if your girlfriend is a twenty-one-year-old billionaire, we guess it's pretty hard to find her a gift. Not that we feel too bad for Travis.

And it seems like Kylie was pleased with the gift.

She captioned the image “babe with the spontaneous gifts ??," sharing it on her Instagram stories. We can't say we'd complain, either!

Not that we're bitter, of course.

In fact, we're thrilled for this happy couple. And if them being together means that we get to see more of these incredible displays of wealth (and love), then we're rooting for the pair all the way.