Travis Scott Responds To Cheating Rumors After Instagram Photo Emerges

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Although many of us may think that being a celebrity sounds amazing, it is often because we do not take into account the baggage that comes along with it. As a celebrity, you can become the target of the social media and the press, as well as a whole range of rumors questioning every element of your life, from your marriage to your family and friends.

Such has been the case recently, with Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner’s relationship falling under particular scrutiny. A photo emerged on Instagram which led to rumors spreading and Travis having to respond himself to clear things up.

Trouble in Paradise?

Recently the loving couple has had their relationship questioned on Twitter, with many internet users believing that Travis Scott may have cheated on the mother of his child.

Some people were not happy.

Twitter users did as Twitter users do. They judge.

Some were furious.

Many condemned Scott for his actions. They were angry with him for cheating.

And some were left in disbelief.

Some couldn’t believe that the famous rapper would do such a thing, either because of morals or his appearance.

But why did the rumors start?

On Monday night, a picture emerged on Instagram of a man who resembled Scott getting personal with a woman in a bikini.

But it wasn’t Kylie!

The woman in the picture was definitely not Kylie Jenner, and this led many people to assume that the rapper was cheating on his famous girlfriend.

And the caption didn’t help.

The caption on the scandalous picture also didn’t help to dissuade the rumors. As it appeared that the woman in the photo was gloating about her escapades.

Travis was not happy!

Travis Scott eventually heard about the photo and even commented on a screenshot of it about the current status of his relationship with Jenner. Which the rapper described as “sturdy.”

But he didn’t stop there!

The rapper then added a post to his Instagram story, dispelling any internet troll trying to discredit his stable relationship.

That’ll teach you!

Travis proved how much he really loves Kylie– and that he would never cheat on her.

But where did the picture come from?

Of course, this didn’t exactly dispel all of the rumors, with many still wondering where the picture came from.

Who is the mystery woman?

Twitter users questioned who the woman in the picture could be? Is it another celebrity?

Some wondered if she was just a friend.

Or if she was connected to Travis at all.

They also questioned whether or not the picture included Travis at all?

Is that even him?

Many of the rapper’s fans took to social media to defend him and the picture.

They know how to call them when they see them.

It’s not always what you might think.

Many fans stated that the image was from a new Travis Scott video shoot, that has yet to be released.

Well, that makes more sense.

Arguably, this makes sense and it would explain the bikini-clad woman in the picture.

Some Twitter users continued to question if the man in the picture was even Scott to begin with.

But as we said, the fans confirmed.

Some users even believed the man in the picture to be the woman’s ex-boyfriend.

Do you remember Tyga?

And, that could be true!

Again this would make sense, explaining away the whole scandal as nothing but an unfortunate misunderstanding.

But the pair are still going strong.

No matter what Twitter says, the picture doesn’t seem to have affected Travis and Kylie’s relationship one bit.

Do I hear wedding bells?

Kylie even took to Instagram herself, uploading a new and interesting picture to her Instagram story.

Always in Love

Is this evidence of their strong relationship?

Is this a hint?

Because along with the picture, Kylie also uploaded a diamond ring emoji, could this be a hint for a future announcement?

So far no word has come forth about Kylie and Travis’s engagement status.

But one thing is for sure, their relationship is as strong as ever!

Fans by their side

And after everything, they still have their fans by their side. Always happy to defend their favorite couple.

Stronger than ever before

And the fans agree!

A Matter of Race?

Some Twitter users even criticized the media’s allegations against Travis Scott as being race-based, with many rappers often falling under similar accusation and scrutiny.

Who’s to blame?

While other Twitter users placed the blame on other famous music artists. Accusing them of beginning the rumors that led to the social media storm.

But no matter who is to blame, Kylie and Travis are still secure and happy in their relationship.

And with Kylie’s hint at a future engagement, I’m sure we will see this couple moving onto another exciting phase of their relationship ship very soon.