Look design is challenging. There's a reason that people get paid quite a bit of money to do graphic design, interior design, and any other kind of design you can think of. But there are some things that should be obvious: make your designs readable! Evenly space your lettering! Imagine you're the stupidest human being on the planet and see if you can still interpret the words correctly! Just don't make them, well, horrible.

Basically what I'm saying is that there is a lot of bad design out there. Some of it will make you cringe. Some of it will make you laugh. Some of it will make you twitch until you can just fix it. But thanks to Reddit, there's a place where you can see all of it and feel all of the feelings (like "I could absolutely design better than that, someone hire me"). Let's check out some of these horrible design choices, shall we?

Let's start with a real whammy shall we?

That missing "o" truly makes a difference doesn't it? It's important to think about what you're covering up with design elements.

Even if you're not covering a letter, you can still make some bad letter-missing mistakes.

Maybe they were just going for a very casual vibe. "Hey, teache!" It's totally a thing.

Kerning. Get used to it.

If you're not familiar with kerning, it's the spacing between letters. It's also wildly important in design. There will absolutely be a few examples of bad kerning on this list: see if you can identify them. In other news, that L is clearly big spooning the E.

Sometimes it's not so much the words you choose as the order you put them in.

Give up on your dreams. Do it. The box compels you.

Remember kids: people read left to right and top to bottom.

But I will absolutely visit "liftmyarm" to fix my ankle pain.

In fact that goes for letters too.

It turns out that the order you place them in allows them to make words.

There are levels here.

"Washp roduct" is one thing, but what even is in this bottle?

What is this even supposed to say?

No one knows thanks to the completely random placement of letters!

I have no idea how this design ever made it to production.

Can't wait to visit Lodnno next time I'm in Europe.

At first blush this might not look like the worst design.

But just imagine a blast of hot air going into the trash and blowing everything in the trash into your face.

Seriously everyone, think about where you're putting things before you make it permanent.

This is the punishment locker. You have to use it if you're bad.

Even hallways can be misplaced.

Where does it even go? Did the architects not consider the utility of this no-room kind of room?

Sometimes a misplaced design element is truly cruel.

Why would you put buttons on a pillow? Do you want to hurt people?

Speaking of where you place things...

That goes for digital elements too. Like this wild crack that is so intense it flies right off the screen!

Even if your words are in the right place, sometimes you need other elements too.

Like a comma. Or a bullet point. Or some space.

Sometimes it's not about what you put in, but what you don't put in.

They're literally just taunting us with this package.

When you're designing, it's also important to think about the images that you're including.

Especially if your product looks like literal poop, you may just choose not to include a picture.

You should also remember that stock photography exists and you can use it!

Because photoshopping crochet needles into someone's hands is just never a good idea when you can buy a dang picture of someone actually knitting (yes, they are the wrong type of needle, nothing about this photo makes sense).

Protip: use the right kind of photos!

If you're advertising something as hands-free, don't picture someone holding it.

On the other hand, sometimes you might not want to use stock photos.

Or at least pick one that has some kind of relation to what you're advertising. Maybe we all get our own training potties on this yacht?

Another important element of design is consistency.

Make sure that all of your pieces fit together. Seamlessly. Without gaps.

If there's one place that has a wild amount of room for bad design, it's bathrooms.

There should be full on laws about the appropriate places to put a urinal.

Like this "maximum efficiency" bathroom.

Pee and wash your hands at the same time! It's called multitasking. Look it up.

Or just in case you want some friends while you do your business.

You can use this chair-filled bathroom! Everything is better with an audience.

Look I don't want to act like a know it all, but I feel like there's a very basic piece of information that was lost during this design process.

Tables are here to eat on. That means they need a surface for...eating.

Similarly, you would think that parking spaces are for cars to...ya know...park in.

But not here! Cars cannot reach these parking spaces!

And if you're going to use an image in your design, it should be there for a reason!

Don't put a random map behind some flags with no apparent connection. Because Belarus is not in the Southern hemisphere.

Today I learned that 67% and 76% are the same thing.

Or at least they are according to these pie charts and this man.

Some designs are so bad that you honestly don't even know what they are.

Is this a man farting WiFi? Is it a stink cloud? Who knows.

Look we all get weird ads from Wish sometimes.

But some kind of weird bondage wear for a cat takes the cake.

What is fashion?

Incoherent, incomplete sentences. That's the latest trend. Wait for it to catch on.

Here's another free design tip for you all.

Animals do not have to be anatomically correct in your images. In fact they probably shouldn't be!

In fact just avoid those bits of animals altogether.

Especially when it comes to toothbrushes.

Context is also important.

For example, this is a children's costume in which the Q looks suspiciously like an O.

Would you like to use the Apple Pencil or the Apple Pencil?

I, personally, am leaning towards the Apple Pencil.

There are levels of pain to this image.

BACD? WHY??? I can't even.

Dollar Tree we know you don't have much money but at least make an effort.

If we put our name over their name, it's like they never existed right?

Making designs that are accessible for people with disabilities can be tough.

But is it really that tough to know not to stick stairs at the end of the ramp?

All images should probably be run past a teenage boy just in case they can be interpreted poorly.

Like this beautiful fanfiction fodder. Guess Iron Man really loves Hulk.

Sometimes the bad design isn't immediately apparent.

But just imagine using this armrest as an actual armrest and you'll quickly see the problem.