Trisha Paytas has ripped into Joe Rogan in the best possible way after he cruelly mocked the star's bikini picture on his podcast...

And it's safe to say that the YouTuber really knows how to stand up for themself!


Scroll on to hear what they had to say...

Now, we all know Trisha Paytas, who recently came out as non-binary, best for their career as a YouTuber...

And it's certainly been a controverisal one, to say the least!

In 2006, the thirty-two-year-old created blndsundoll4mj, a lifestyle-oriented YouTube vlog channel...


And following its success, the companion channel Trisha Paytas was created in 2014, which featured more personal vlog videos.

Following the success of several viral videos, Paytas garnered a significant following on their main channel...


And at the time of writing, they currently have a staggering 5.05 million subscribers.

So, it's safe to say that Paytas has experienced a lot of success...

But that's not to say they haven't experienced their own controversy and downfalls.

Paytas has caused a lot of controversy over the years with certain YouTube videos...

Ranging from the constant drama with public relationships, being friends with controversial figures such as Shane Dawson, to claiming they no longer want to identify as a human being... Paytas seems to have gone through it all!

But one of their biggest controversies came in 2019 when they came out as transgender.

In an explosive YouTube video that has since been taken down from the platform, Paytas explained that they'd always felt more "masculine than feminine" and that they wished to identify as a "gay man" because they were attracted to other gay men and loves "glam and voluptuousness."

They ended the video by saying that they are "1,000%" transgender but also identifies with their sex assigned at birth.

Of course, Paytas' unexpected announcement ruffled a lot of feathers within the LGBTQ+ and transgender community, with many slamming the YouTuber for coming out only "for the clicks."

But it seems as if Paytas has now had a slight change of heart...

As they announced earlier this week that they now identify as non-binary.

Speaking in a video titled "re: my gender," Paytas explained their new identity.


"I'm non-binary and I have to give credit to TikTok and Gen-Z," the YouTuber said in Friday's video, "That seems like the perfect label for me."

Paytas said they "have days where I really identify as he/him, I really identify as a man"...


But that "because my shell a lot of the times doesn't match that of a male, I'm more of a cis female or a girlie girl or a drag queen or whatever, people don't really understand it."

Paytas then announced they will be using "they/them" pronouns from now on...

And they discussed this further in a tweet, saying:

"I'm non-binary. I never chose words correctly. I struggle with who I am every single day. I struggle with demons. I struggle with not knowing who I am every single morning. It's scary in my head - I seek help and I try to help. If my confusion on who I am has ever hurt anyone else."

Although Paytas received floods of support following their announcement...

People still continue to be cruel.

And of course, Joe Rogan is one of those people.


Now, we all know Joe Rogan for being the host of his outrageously popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience - a podcast that has hosted many famous guests including the likes of Elon Musk and Miley Cyrus.

Rogan recently had Ali Macofsky as a guest on the show...


And Macofsky was discussing Paytas and explaining to Rogan who they are when the host asked to see a "bikini pic" of them after hearing about their OnlyFans account.

Rogan wanted to see a bikini picture of Paytas so he could see what "they look like naked"...


And when he is shown a snap from Paytas' Instagram account , he says bitterly, "You can keep that."

Of course, his cruel remark didn't go down well with fans...

And he has been slammed for displaying toxic masculinity and for just being downright cruel.

And now, Paytas themselves has decided to address the situation...

By posting a video on YouTube especially for Rogan himself.

Paytas uploaded a video captioned, "Dear Joe Rogan" yesterday...


And they unleashed hell on the controversial podcast host.

Paytas started by sarcastically thanking Rogan for "providing them with some video content"...


And they mentioned that they woke up to an "onslaught of tweets saying they'd been mentioned by the number 1 podcaster."

"Look, you don't know me and I really don't know you... and I'm not gonna go for the low blows. Because of fifty-year-old men like you who tell me how disgusting and repulsive I am, I have what you may call low insecurity."

The Youtuber then reminded their fans how much money they make a month from OnlyFans and their website, OnlyTrish.com...


​And they thanked Rogan again for the "plug" after he pretty much promoted their OnlyFans account before well and truly going in on him.

"This has been a pattern of old conventionally unattractive men - it's not a diss, I like conventionally unattractive - who radiate small d*** energy. Once again not a diss, because a lot of people like small d****, but maybe not the energy you want to radiate and it's just gross."

They went on:


"There's a lot to come at me for... but to look at a photo of me in a bikini and going 'ugh you can keep that'... why? I have heard Joe Rogan is highly intelligent. Honestly, I look at that and I'm like, he has no intellect whatsoever, he can't come up with a wittier quip and you know if I'm not your type, you really don't have to say anything."

"That small d*** energy is not becoming to you and your little friend."


"And just for the record, for any future people who will be body shaming me, obviously they're mad I'm on OnlyFans and I'm making money off it... just know, you don't need to 'ugh' and say 'keep that.' Especially to women like myself who are not conventionally attractive."

You can watch Paytas' full video here:

And this is a simple reminder that no matter how famous a person may be, body shaming and being cruel is never okay.