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The truck driver who sped towards a crowd of protestors in Minneapolis has been released from police custody without charge.

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Last week, forty-six-year-old George Floyd died at the hands of police brutality.

He was pinned to the ground (despite not resisting arrest) and he had the knee of a police officer pressed into his neck for over 8 minutes until he stopped breathing.

Of course, George's family have been left completely broken by this devastating loss.

He has been described as a "gentle giant" who was trying to turn his life around. He also worked as a peace activist and campaigned regularly against gun violence.

The police officers involved showed absolutely no emotion, regret, or urgency...

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And a huge amount of backlash has hit the headlines.

Four of the officers involved have now been fired.

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And the officer who kneeled on George, whose name is Derek Chauvin, has been arrested for 3rd-degree murder.

But this hasn't stopped the haunting footage of George's death circulating online...

And it has left millions of people both heartbroken and disgusted.

People all around the world have been left furious over George's unjustified death.

But many are feeling completely hopeless due to the fact that this blatant racism is happening more and more in our country.

When will this violence stop?

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And when will our country do something to put an end to police brutality against black people?

Protests have been held in George's memory all around the country...

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Including in Washington, Chicago, New York City, and even parts of Europe such as in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Spain.

But it's safe to say that the protests have been the most imminent in Minneapolis...

Which is where George was killed.

The protests started on Wednesday last week...

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Thousands upon thousands of protesters took to the streets on Wednesday to express their hurt and their anger at the injustice.

But things very quickly turned violent.

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As thousands of people took to the streets, the police force became involved when shops started getting looted and police cars were being attacked.

Police officers in riot gear pelted the crowds with tear gas and rubber bullets...

And when protestors began fighting back, things turned very ugly and the mass brawl continued into the night.

But things were far from over...

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A Minneapolis Police Station was set on fire to mark the third evening of rioting. Thankfully, the station had been evacuated beforehand so nobody was seriously hurt.

The scenes have been truly apocalyptical...

And even though the protest was to demand justice for George, so many people were left fearful for their own lives in the chaotic streets of Minneapolis.

Nearly a week on, things aren't calming down...

And the police have been behaving in a manner more brutal and extreme than ever before to get protestors off the streets - which only pours more fuel on the flames.

Many police officers aren't holding back...

And they've been attacking anybody who stands in their way.

So many people have now been severely injured in the protests...

And things aren't going to be cooling down any time soon.

However, it's undeniable that some people have taken things way too far.

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Including this reckless truck driver who recently endangered so many lives.

On Sunday, a truck was seen speeding along a Minneapolis bridge straight into a group of peaceful protestors.

The heart-stopping footage shows people quickly fleeing for safety, as the huge truck comes barreling toward them.

Miraculously, nobody was seriously injured.

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According to the Guardian, people reportedly threw their bicycles in front of the truck in an effort to successfully slow it down.

The driver of the truck has been identified as Bogdan Vechirko...

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And the minute the truck had come to a halt, protestors angrily dragged Bogdan out of his seat and began attacking him and screaming at him for his foolish actions.

Even though Bogdan endangered the lives of so many innocent people...

Many of the protestors encouraged others to not hurt him and they went on to deal with the situation peacefully - which likely saved his life from the angry crowds.

Police soon arrived on the scene...

And Bogdan was quickly taken into custody.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) revealed that Bogdan wasn't seriously injured...

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And Minnesota State Patrol later said in a tweet: "Very disturbing actions by a truck driver on I-35W, inciting a crowd of peaceful demonstrators. The truck driver was injured & taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. He is under arrest. It doesn’t appear any protesters were hit by the truck."

The internet is furious with his actions...

And he has been labeled as a "terrorist" for his violent acts.

But regardless of his dangerous actions...

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Bogdan has now been released without any charges, Fox News reported.

Bodgan's case is still under investigation, according to his attorney Mike Freeman.

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"Investigators are in the process of gathering additional information and answers to aid in the charging decision," the Hennepin County Attorney’s office said on Tuesday.

Naturally, people are outraged.

Let's face it, if it was a black person behind the wheel, this would be handled in a completely different manner by the police force.

People are demanding for the driver to be charged with terrorism.

But it is currently unknown as to whether Bogdan's actions were deliberate or were an accident.

The protestors involved had a very narrow escape.

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