Truck Drivers Reveal The Most Bizarre Things They've Seen On The Road | 22 Words

It's tough to be a professional truck driver. You're on the road for weeks at a time and are forced to deal with exhaustion, loneliness, stubborn animals who have wandered into the middle of the road, low-clearance bridges, grizzly car accidents, and trying to get your shipment delivered intact and on time without sacrificing your own sanity. Truckers have seen some crazy stuff during their long hours on the road, and the following 30 stories range from absolutely horrifying to completely hilarious to surprisingly heartwarming with a healthy dash of bizarre thrown in for good measure.

Buckle up, because these stories aren't for the faint of heart. And while they might make you terrified to ever drive on the highway around semi-trucks again, they will make you appreciate your mundane office job more than you ever thought possible.

Never heard of a lot lizard? Keep scrolling to find out. Although you might be happier not knowing...

"Pulled over to stay the night near the Arizona welcome center on I-40. I hear a light knocking on my door."

"An old lady wearing nothing but an oversized sweatshirt is standing outside. I roll down my window and ask what's up. In the tiniest, creepiest little voice she says that there's something in her car making a weird noise and that she needs help with it. I didn't help her."-YellowerClimes

"I got a CDL about 20 years ago and did cross country driving for exactly 2 weeks."

"I ended up going down this pretty steep hill. The traffic was kind of busy, with most of the cars doing about 55-60 mph. As I was going down the hill, the brakes didn't slow me down. They only stopped me from going faster. I turned on the engine brake then and that probably slowed my speed down about 1 mph every 10 seconds. I had never been so scared in my life. All these cars were jumping in front of me and if even one had slowed down a bit, they would've been fucked. I couldn't even pull off to the side of the road without flipping the truck and killing me and my trainer because there was literally no shoulder, just a few feet and then about a 5-foot drop. I noped the f*** out of that job after that."-Mikal_Scott

"I used to work with an ex-trucker who once had a woman commit suicide by jumping in front of his truck."

"He hasn't driven since, and now spends his time working with troubled/suicidal people. He was never quite the same after that happened."-Nusi218

"Driving up to college for the first time, my mom got tired and wanted to pull over for a nap at a truck stop. While she slept, I people watched."

"A huge truck pulled up (one of those tricked out, well lit and super shiny trailers), and a big, tattooed driver climbed out. Then he leaned back in to pull something out.

It was a kitten! A tiny little white kitten. He played with that kitten on the truck stop benches for so long, happy as could be, giggling and smiling like I would have. It was the cutest juxtaposition I've ever seen."-kehteh

"I'm a truck driver. I had a hooker climb into my truck while I was sleeping."

"It was around 1 am and in my sleep, I sort of vaguely heard my door open, so I was already starting to wake up, then someone shook me by the shoulder. I jumped up and hit her in the face with my laptop, and we got in this weird hair-pulling slap fight, then pushed/kicked her over the passenger's seat and out the door onto the pavement. I stood there half-awake blinking at her through the windshield when she jumped up, flashed me her boobs, flipped me off, and ran away.

Plot twist: I'm female and I look nothing like the stereotypical ideal of the manly female trucker. She looked like a greasy beach ball with dead caterpillars for eyebrows."-_McNugget

"My dad drove long haul for years."

"One company he worked for had a yard right in the city. One night a homeless person tried to steal material from a stack in the yard and pulled the wrong piece. Stack came down and decapitated him. They found his headless body the next morning."-rabidroofrabbit

"My brother-in-law was a trucker for many years. He took his stepson with him on one run."

"They were somewhere in the rural south and hit a power/telephone line that was too low across the road. It seems hard to believe but it actually yanked one of the telephone poles out of the ground and it crashed through the passenger window and out the windshield and stuck there. Neither of them was seriously hurt, my nephew just got a few minor scratches from flying glass."-lastof13

"We had a driver who delivered a truckload of cookies for us."

"When he got to delivery the receiver called us and said everything was fine except the driver ate like 5 cases, not boxes, CASES of the cookies. It was a pain in the ass to deal with at the time, but looking back I can just imagine this guy showing up covered in crumbs, asking for a glass of milk."-Jahnknob

"My dad's a trucker. One night he was driving about a mile behind a guy he knew. He got on his radio and told the guy to be careful around the curve, it was really sharp and had a blind bend. He got back a 'Yeah, alright.'"

"When he got to the curve the other guy's semi was in the ditch. He got to the straightaway, parked, and rushed back to help the guy. When he got there the steering wheel was through the guy's chest.

His organs were everywhere."-ladycowbell

"A friend's brother was a trucker, and he had a car drive up next to him and throw a pillowcase in front of his truck."

"Thinking there might be something in it that would pop his tires, he avoids it and pulls over to remove it from the road so it doesn't cause any accidents. Turns out it was full of kittens. All of them survived and he actually kept a kitten. It became his travel buddy for the remainder of his trucking career."-SlapxOxHappy

"Last year my inlaws (who team drive a truck) had a head-on collision that killed the other driver."

"It was a two-lane highway and the other driver pulled out to pass. Rather than move back into his lane when he saw there wasn't enough time, he doubled down and sped up. My inlaws veered on to the shoulder to avoid him. He moved to the shoulder too. My inlaws put their truck into the ditch and so did the other driver. They hit head-on in the ditch hard enough to tear the engine out of their semi-truck.

It was almost like the other guy was trying to kill himself. Thankfully, the RCMP explained to them that when drivers are faced with something like this they tend to stare at the hazard and instinctively steer towards what they are looking at.

Bonus fact: They were hauling explosives that thankfully did not explode."-andrewse

"My cousin's a long haul driver and he reckons the scariest thing he's ever seen was his own rig on fire."

"He was driving at night somewhere in the northwest of Australia when he saw some sparks in his passenger wing mirror. He stopped to check it out and saw that the rim of one of his rear wheels was glowing red hot because 'the wheel bearing had shat itself'.

Before he could even think, the tires burst into flames. He was unable to reach the fire extinguisher because of the flames so he had to call the fire brigade and stand back. The prime mover and semi-trailer full of watermelon were engulfed by flames within a minute or two and by the time the firetrucks showed up they were completely destroyed."-[deleted]

"Driving during a rainstorm and seeing a bear with matted down fur walking on his rear legs like a person."

"I honestly thought it was bigfoot. Had to do a few double takes in my mirror when I passed him."-k0mk0v

"Sitting up so high gives a great vantage point. I was driving through DC one time and the traffic was inconceivable! Took three hours to get across. We were all bumper to bumper going through a work zone when I spotted a red sedan parked on the shoulder with its flashers on."

"Bored, I just sat there staring at it while idling forward when a woman got out of the passenger side, hiked up her dress and squatted down to piss on the side of the road in front of a hundred people. She thought she was hidden behind the sedan. Maybe she was. Maybe I was the only one to see. I blew my air horn at her anyway."-ackshunpact

"Not a trucker, but used to work at a Taco Bell inside a truck stop. Truckers would come through for fuel, restroom, and a taco, then be on their way."

"One guy (we nicknamed him Beanie) was a grizzled old f*** with zero communication skills. We saw him a lot. He always complained we never put enough beans in his burritos.

One day, Beanie decides he's had enough of our low bean-to-burrito ratio, calls me a pencil-dick motherf*****. My manager steps in and tells him to leave or we'd call security. He dives over the counter at my manager and hits his head on the register. Gashes it open pretty good and runs back to his truck.

We had to shut down for an hour and sterilize the hell out of the front counter area."-lebowskiachiever12

"I once noticed a man standing on a bridge that I went under while on the highway."

"I took notice of him because he wasn't walking, he was just standing there looking down at the highway and I swear he was looking at me. I was not far from my destination so it wasn't long before I came back by that same bridge going the other direction. Sure enough, he had jumped. It messed with my head for a while because I had a passing thought that he may be planning to do that."-bigrigburt

"One of the guys I worked with last summer was late to the job because he was in a truck on its way to my city when it went under an overpass that wasn't tall enough."

"He said it ripped the top of the trailer off like when you pull the tab on a box of Oreos."-Zabin8r

"I used to deliver beer kegs. One day a car with 'just married' written on the rear windshield passed me."

"A woman, presumably the bride, popped out of the passenger window and flashed her boobs at me. I had always heard about women doing that to truckers, but I never expected it to be a newlywed that would do it."-Pragmadox

"I was traveling for the better part of the day and parked my vehicle in a rest area. I then went to use the bathroom, and upon exiting, I saw vandals defacing my truck."

"They didn't notice that I was the owner of the vehicle, so I walked closer to the commotion and pretended that a nearby car was my own. This allowed me to get a good look at the crooks--- I took a few pictures as well, in case they escaped. I then called the police. The vandals went away in handcuffs. When I fully inspected the damage done to my truck, I was shocked: the graffiti was the symbol of a gang I used to belong to in my youth (the 1970s)."-[deleted]

"I came down a hill with a full load of grain (gross weight around 86,000 lbs.) and rounded a curve doing somewhere close to 60 mph."

"Dead ahead about 100 yards was a narrow bridge and sitting in my lane in the middle of the bridge were several people in lawn chairs with coolers scattered around and fishing lines tossed over the side. I laid on the air horn and hit the tractor and trailer brakes and stopped about 15 feet from the lawn chairs. The people had already s*** their pants and were standing next to the bridge railing. I asked if they had noticed the 'No Fishing Off Bridge' signs posted on both ends of the bridge and one of them answered, 'We seen 'em but we didn't know you was gonna be comin' this way.' I just rolled up the window and pulled away."-pay2cool

"My dad used to drive a truck. He told me a story about one time when he was sleeping at a truck stop."

"He didn't have a sleeper so he was in the seat. Another trucker was pulling up to spend the night so the trucks were nose to noise. He woke up in the driver's seat of his truck with a truck with its lights on looking like it was coming head-on. Said he almost crapped himself."-Sitruc9861

"Well, my dad drove over a speed bump and we got 100-200 free egg cartoons all because a few shattered."

"Needless to say, I got to like scrambled eggs."-poetu

"One evening I was waiting to be picked up at a truck stop in Big Springs, Nebraska. I knew it was going to be a while, so I figured I'd relax in the sleeper for a bit."

"I don't typically drive truck, so when I parked I was fiddling with the lights trying to turn them all off (while the truck was running). I got them off and crawled back into the sleeper for a snooze. Five minutes later, a woman who looked pretty rough hopped in the passenger side door and sat down. I asked what she was doing, and she said, 'You tell me'. She then made a move to crawl back in the sleeper, but I stopped her and told her to get out. Apparently, after telling the other crew members my story, she was a truck-stop hooker, AKA a 'Lot Lizard'. You apparently signal them by flashing your lights and waiting."-[deleted]

"My dad once saw an elephant that had escaped from a wrecked trailer in the middle of the road."

"The elephant and driver were both injured, but I don't remember how. Having worked with large herd animals for 35 years, my dad felt it was his duty to 'herd' the panicked elephant off the road for the safety of the elephant as well as other drivers. It was scared and making a lot of loud noises and small charges at him as he tried to direct it off the road. He said he almost s*** his pants out of fear."-ginger-a-go-go

"In high school, we had a class called career seminars, where we got to listen to people tell stories from their jobs."

"One day, a truck driver was telling us how he struck a car and killed the occupant, and we asked what made him decide to stay on the road instead of swerving.

'If I can see into the car, I look to see if there's a family with children. If there's not, I'm not gonna swerve off the road for one guy.'

So naturally, I work in an office and stay the f*** away from semis."-vincentkahrune

"My mom made a delivery to Area 51."

"She doesn't know what she delivered and wasn't allowed to look inside the trailer. When she got there she asked to use the bathroom and everybody got all serious and whispery. They finally agreed to take her but with an armed guard who waited with her inside the bathroom. She thought it was so cool."-Keebler172

"My dad was working as a truck driver and while driving in the rain, he found a puppy stuck off the side of the road in a drain."

"The puppy grew up to always be afraid of storms and loud noises, but he became my dad's best friend for over 12 years. He passed away recently. I hope he's happy and dry up there."-hells_flower

"I used to ride along with my uncle and unload for him."

"I saw him miscalculate a turn and flatten a parked car with the trailer he was pulling. He did not believe me when I told him he was on top of a car and drove off. It literally flattened half the car like a monster truck."-gd2bpaid

"Not a trucker, but on the highway going from Maine to Killington VT, I saw a large bird swoop down right in front of a semi-truck."

"When I didn't see the bird come out on the other side I was preparing to see feathers everywhere and a carcass to come bouncing out from under the trailer. Nothing. As I passed the truck, I looked over and saw a terrified turkey standing between the cab and the trailer like he was surfing. After a couple of miles, I did get the driver to pull over."-BLUMPKINFORCE

"My boyfriend is a trucker and he was on the highway somewhere in the northeast with a few other guys."

"This man in a sedan was making eyes at them and then proceeded to take out a dildo and curve it along the steering wheel and just held it there while he drove."-[deleted]