Tweets For ’90s Kids and ’90s Kids Only

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Hello, fellow millennials! At this point, even though many people do not realize it, you are a true adult. You have bills to pay, homes to buy, and small children to wrangle. You have day jobs and pains in your back, and your vision is starting to decline. You are officially old– being a millennial means being an adult. So, it’s only natural that, in the midst of the Dumpster fire that is the year 2018 and our impending adult doom, we want to look back at the golden days.

We, as millennials, know that the ’90s were a cherished time. Millennials are not the spoiled, entitled generation that people complain about. Instead, we are overworked and underpaid adults with no nest egg or stability to speak of. It comforts us to look back at our past, and revel in the scrunchies and the Nickelodeon and the graphic tees of our youth. Sue us!

It’s no secret that the real world sucks.

At this point, we millennials are truly entrenched in it. We need a laugh, and these 29 tweets will provide us with just that.

Rugrats in Paris

Oh my goodness orange VHS tapes or VHS tapes of any color were so cool. They were so special and different.

Cheese grater music video

This is true. A disproportionate number of ’90s music videos take place in futuristic space pods.

Disposable cameras

No joke, we had disposable cameras on the tables at my bat mitzvah and when we developed them, one entire roll was close-ups of one of my friends with Swedish Fish up her nose.


A moment of silence, indeed. ’90s toys were the best. At least Tamagotchis are back.

It’s ON!

This was an indelible part of our childhood, and to be honest, I don’t think the pause button has improved our lives all that much.

Only ’90s kids will remember

Remember the ’90s?! Every snack was gummy and we weren’t worried that the world was going to combust at any moment.

Casual vests

There are so many things from the ’90s that we should bring back, and casual vests are on the top of that list.


Yeah, this seems accurate. Let me weep into some chocolate chip pancakes– I have nothing else.

Sliding into adulthood

The worst part is that even if you survive the slide and you jump off unscathed, you will static electricity the next thing you touch.

Getting older

I am thrilled beyond belief that ’90s trends are back and we can cosplay as our past selves, but I want it to stay that way. The ’00s were hideous and I’d rather not revisit those times.

Real ’90s kids

That’s sort of true, except I consider myself a ’90s kid (born in ’89). I definitely remember going to see The Lion King in theaters and then my mom taking us to Toys ‘R’ Us to pick out one toy, so I do remember the ’90s.

’90s music

Maybe it was because there were fewer choices, but I feel like everyone listened to every type of music. We all listened because everything was good.


The remakes are getting out of control these days, but when you stop caring? That’s when you know you’re old.

Netflix DVDs

I remember sitting in our kitchen and listening to my dad explaining Netflix to me. “They just mail you DVDs?! How?!”

Self-obsessed narcissists

Selfies are three inches long at most. Those oil paintings were eight feet tall, at least.

Scholastic book fairs

Amen! The magic of Scholastic book fairs is impossible to recreate, but I would like to see them try. Seriously, please try. I want to go there.

Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail was treacherous, but it’s clearly not as treacherous as all of politics today. If only our only worry was dying of dysentery.

We get it!

Thanks to the baby boomers, only ’90s kids will inherit the end of the Earth! Woo! We’re special.

Obsessed with food

The preoccupation with millennials “killing” industries or “obsessing” over certain things is a bogus thought. We’re trying to live our life! Let us be.

Becoming an adult

Yeah, this adds up. Lying face-down on the carpet is surprisingly comforting.

Cafeteria food

Being an adult means making your own food decisions. And sometimes that means eating gross food from a line in a cafeteria.

Childhood vs. adulthood

It’s incredible how fast we go from “I’m the next president!” to “I want a cubicle I can hide in all day.”


As long as we’re remembering the ’90s, why don’t we also think about those traumatic things we’ve experienced? All that existential dread? Oh, remember Gak?

Sighing at teenagers

I started doing this a couple years ago, and I can say with certainty that the sighs have only gotten louder and deeper.

39 years

Ah, the good old days of the Internet when you had to boot up AOL and then take a jog around the block before it was ready to use.

Serial killers

Of course, we don’t open the door when we’re not expecting anybody! Our parents taught us never to do this. Probably because so many people in the ’70s got murdered by serial killers.


Oh, man don’t you wish you could shirk all your responsibilities, cuddle up in your pile of stuffed animals, and read Goosebumps? I sure do.


We remember the ’90s. But do they remember us?

Don’t worry

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