After losing the election last year, it seems as though former POTUS, Donald Trump, hasn't let his rivalry with the current president, Joe Biden, go.

In a press conference this week, he offered his predictions in an imaginary boxing match between the two ...

On Thursday, Trump hosted a press conference ahead of Saturday's fight between former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield and former UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort.


And one of the journalists in the crowd had a very pertinent question.

"If you had to box somebody on Saturday night, who would it be and what would the fight look like?"

Trump's answer has the internet raising their collective eyebrows.


"Well, if I had to pick somebody in the world, not only a professional boxer — because I'll take a pass on the professional boxers, that could be a very dangerous subject," Trump started.

​"If I had to box somebody, I think probably my easiest fight would be Joe Biden because I think he'd go down very, very quickly," he continued. "Very, very quickly."


"He'd be in big trouble if he ever did," Trump went on. "No, I think Biden would go down within the first few seconds."

Many on the internet had some pretty hilarious reactions to Trump's claims.


"Wow you can punch an old man how impressive and manly and just the qualities I'm looking for in a world leader," one Facebook commenter joked.

Another had a more serious thought. "Couldn't that be considered a threat to a sitting POTUS? The Secret Service needs to visit Trump, IMO."

However, one other commenter made this rather salient point.​


"This should be how we decide elections!"

Who do you think would win in the ring?