Trump Claims He ‘Met’ the President of the Virgin Islands — Except HE’S the President of the Virgin Islands

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At this point in the first year of a presidency, the President of the United States tends to know a few basic things: what issues matter to citizens, who his allies are, all the places he’s president of…

This last one is very important because the United States not only has 50 states (yes, that includes Hawaii) it also has 16 territories, all of which are populated – nay, packed – with American citizens.


Other territories, however, have a very helpful “US” or “American” before their name to give people a heads up. Those people include the President… as in, President Donald Trump.

He did a speech to voters about his efforts with the ongoing crises all across America. In the speech, he said, “and I met with the President of the Virgin Islands.” There was only one problem with this, though.  

Don’t you mean governor, Mr. President? Just checking.