Trump Suggested News Networks Should Participate in a Fake News ‘Contest’ in an Insane Tweet

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Whoever gave Donald Trump 280 characters…not to mention the presidency…needs to go away. For a long time. As the rest of America awakens from a turkey-induced coma, Trump has been nonstop rambling on Twitter, and it’s not pretty. He’s claimed that he was supposed to be TIME magazine’s Person of the Year. He’s all but endorsed child molester Roy Moore for the Alabama Senate seat, and he’s repeatedly insulted CNN.

This morning, he took his beef with the news to a whole new level.

The president has been on a Twitter rampage for the past week or so. Not that he’s ever not on a Twitter rampage, but somehow this seems worse than usual.

According to him, TIME magazine called the White House to tell Trump that he was probably going to be named their Man of the Year if he agreed to an interview and a photo shoot, but the only reason he won’t get the honor is that he passed. TIME responded, saying, “The President is incorrect about how we choose Person of the Year.” In other words, “Ahem, Donald is lying.”

In this tweet, he rails against the Democratic nominee for the Alabama Senate seat, essentially telling the American people to vote for Roy Moore, who is definitely a pedophile. Cool cool.

If Donald Trump has a moment to breathe, he fills that empty air with vitriol about the election — which happened over a year ago and which he won. We can always count on Donald Trump to brag about how he cheated his way to the top.

But when Trump sends praise to Fox News, you can bet that harsh words about CNN aren’t far behind. He’s like that guy in middle school you rejected when he asked you out so he decided to be super mean to you instead. It’s sad, really. Trump’s so obsessed with CNN, in fact, that he took to Twitter again Monday morning and sent a beyond bizarre challenge to the network…

It’s The Hunger Games only way more boring. While one of the networks would be given the “FAKE NEWS TROPHY,” Trump made sure to reiterate that “They are all bad.” These are the strange fantasies the President of the United States is thinking about.

Why?! Why does Fox News get a pass in this insane imaginary contest between news networks?! Is it because it wouldn’t be fair if they competed? Because they are the kings, queens, and all other top-ranking positions of fake news?

Author Michelle Zink pointed out that Politifact did a sort of contest like this back in 2014 and Fox News disseminated the most false information by far.

Somehow, though, I don’t think this would be much of a contest. In fact, if you ask us, it seems like she’s maybe referring to one specific president….

He is our president. Our president. Our president is suggesting a Fake News Contest between respected news networks (not including Fox) instead of, you know, running the country. Happy Monday.