The event of January 6th absolutely shocked the world - and repercussions are still being felt. But one of the most recent rioters to have been arrested came to the police's attention in a rather unusual way.

The U.S Capitol riot left 5 people, including a police officer, dead, more than 140 injured, and the rioters were emboldened by former President Donald Trump to protest the results of the 2020 election, which saw Joe Biden win the presidency. Since the riot, many have been arrested thanks to their own incriminating social media posts. Rioters were keen to boast of their involvement online, which made it remarkably easy for the FBI to track them down and arrest them.

California man Glen Allen Brooks is the latest Trump supporter to have been confirmed to be a part of the riots on the Capitol earlier this year. He reportedly sent images of himself at the riots to his text group chat of church prayer group members, the Federal Bureau of Investigations has confirmed.

Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice

The criminal complaint against Brooks confirms that he "boasted of his active participation" in the riot and "sent photos of his attendance," to the group. On the day of the riot texted the group "a selfie photo of himself inside the Capitol," the complaint reads. A member of the group then provided this information to the FBI - but they have so far remained anonymous.

Since the FBI received this evidence on July 27th from the unnamed source, Brooks has been arrested. The FBI has charged Brooks with "entering and remaining and disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds" and "disorderly conduct and parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building." This marks 599 people arrested in relation to the incident.

Quite predictably, people haven't shown too much sympathy for Brooks. "When your life's legacy ends with you being labeled a domestic terrorist and a felony insurrection charge for storming the US Capital building along with others who were trying to hang the VPOTUS. Grandkids will now have to visit grandpa in prison. Such a shame," wrote one sarcastic Facebook commenter.

"Every new arrest seems to expose an increasing level of criminal stupidity. You have to wonder how Trump supporters managed to fill in the ballot form," another joked. A third agreed, laughing, "They're geniuses, aren't they. He just assumed everyone in a prayer group was a treasonous moron?"

Although it's undoubtedly funny to laugh at the sheer stupidity it takes to share undeniable evidence of yourself committing a crime with a group chat, we have to at least be a little thankful to Brooks. Without this tremendous oversight on his part, he may have gotten away with his crimes, after all.