Trump’s Latest Handshake Is the Most Awkward Thing We’ve Ever Witnessed

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You know when you kinda know someone, but you’re not super close, and you run into them in the wild, and there’s that awkward moment where you’re not sure whether you should go for a handshake or a hug? It seems like Trump’s entire life takes place in that exact moment. We have literally never seen anyone misjudge social situations more often than the current U.S. President does.

There’s no shortage of Trump being bad at meeting people to be found online, but we may have found the most awkward Trump encounter to date.

It occurred this weekend in Maryland after Melania introduced Trump at the Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

You never know exactly what to expect when it comes to Donald Trump. One thing’s for sure, though: he’s no stranger to awkward social interactions. Take his handshakes, for example. When greeting the President of the United States, you might get the Gorsuch Grapple, as depicted here. Some people know it as the “Lawnmower Pull and Pat.”

It’s very similar to the Gorsuch Grapple, but if you look closely, you can see the differences. Still super super awkward, though.

To achieve this handshake, you must grasp your opponent’s hand firmly, then move back and forth as though you are each holding the ends of a tiny, two-man saw.

Such was the case in this 19-second-long handshake between Trump and the Prime Minister of Japan. We call it the Never-ending Nightmare. (Not to be confused with the Presidency itself, which sometimes goes by the same name.)

At first, this may seem like a slight. But trust us — you’re better off. So yeah, Trump is pretty great at being super terrible in a number of social situations. But something happened this past weekend which takes the Awkward Social Interaction Cake. It all started when Melania introduced her husband at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland…

SHOOK. HER. HAND. His wife! The mother of his child! The woman to whom he is married! Shook her hand!

Was Trump worried that Melania was upstaging him? Or is that just how they interact every day? Has Trump been practicing his various handshakes on Melania this whole time?

Look at that! What is going on here?! Why is he nudging his wife like that?!

Neither of them look thrilled to be in the other’s company. Or maybe that’s how they think the President and First Lady are supposed to look?

This is bad in GIF form. But look at it in video — it’s so much worse when audio is added…

Actually, he says it twice.   These people are married.

POTUS and FLOTUS in all their awkward glory. Also, just a reminder: We’re only eight months into Trump’s presidency.

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OK. We have to go cry now.