The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Trying To Find the Mountain Lion in This Photo | 22 Words

There's nothing like a weird picture to bring the internet together. Be it an optical illusion, or some incredibly well-applied makeup, trying to figure out why something looks the way it does is a surprisingly fun communal activity. But the latest one to go viral is driving everyone absolutely crazy.

One Facebook user posted an image that supposedly contains a mountain lion. Or does it? The entire internet went into meltdown trying to find the camouflaged feline - and we're still not quite convinced we can see it.

There's nothing better than an optical illusion.

Something about the way they disrupt our realities means they make us feel uncomfortable - but in a deeply intriguing way.

And there's no shortage of them online.

This viral Instagram account is designed to freak you out using expertly applied (and undeniably creepy) makeup.

And sometimes, an image really takes the internet by storm.

Rotate the picture. from r/confusing_perspective

Like this ingeniously snapped photo of what appears to be the sky... But is in-fact a lake.

And who remembers this?

Professional wrestler and actor, Thor Bjornsson (who played the Mountain on Game of Thrones), posed with a normal-sized coffee cup - or did he?

And, earlier this year, this image went viral.

While many saw it as a beautiful beach scene, it was actually an old garage door in need of a lick of paint. Wild, right?

And while that image was more of a "hmm, interesting..." kind...

The latest snap to go viral on Twitter has elicited quite a different reaction - one of absolute confusion and for some, pure frustration.

And many are spending a lot of time looking...

Trying to find something in the image which some can't even quite believe is actually there.

The image in question?

It contains a mountain lion - or does it?

The giant cat is so well camouflaged that many just cannot spot it - no matter how hard they try.

Here's the picture in question.

At first, it looks like a pretty standard outdoor scene. But apparently, there's a mountain lion there.

Yeah, we know. Us neither.

In fact, the Twitter user who first shared the image initially thought it was a prank.

Was the internet having us on?

But wait a minute ...

This wasn't a trick. There was a mountain in the image - it was just horribly difficult to spot.

And people couldn't cope.

Many users commented that they'd looked for a long time, and still couldn't find the cat in question.

And even those who did find it ...

Claimed they'd had a lot of trouble in the process. You'll need to get your photo editing tools ready for this one.

Here he is!


He's hiding quietly in the bottom left corner. Did you spot him?