Is your little terror terrible enough for TV? I bet you never thought that your kid's mischievous streak could land them in something other than the naughty seat, did you?

Well, luckily for you and your "little angel," one TV company isn't interested in casting the kind of kids that keep their pockets clean and remember to say please...

Read on to see if your kid fits the criteria and how you can apply.


First things first, your kid has to be naughty.

Check? Okay, great. Let's continue.

Is your kid aged five or younger?

If that's another check, then great! If not, can you think of any other long-suffering parent with a kid that fits the bill?

The British TV Network, Boomerang, is coming to help.

The documentary series aims to help parents at their wits' end.

From devils to angels?

The brand new television production company aims to prove that even the most troublesome kids can be transformed into the angel kid that you always dreamed they would be.

That sounds like an idea made by someone who doesn't have kids...

There's nothing that parents hate more than people who don't have kids thinking that they could a better job, am I right?

But Boomerang isn't about making you feel like a bad parent...

"If you just listened to him more, he wouldn't keep painting on the walls."

Boomerang promises to bring in the experts.

According to DerbyshireLive: "The documentary will see children attend a nursery staffed by top behavior experts in a bid to improve the way they act."

Will it be like Supernanny, then?

Not really. Supernanny was more about improving the parenting methods and ways in which the adult handles the child; this show will focus on the behavior of the child themselves.

They are looking for kids with extreme behavioral problems.

And you'll no longer need to worry about childcare fees!

Free childcare you say?

"Where do I sign up?" That's right, Boomerang has stated:  "We are opening a nursery staffed by some of the best behavior experts in the country who will offer support and advice."

So what constitutes extreme behavior?

Has your child been kicked out of class before? (Don't be ashamed - I was kicked out of my class once and I turned out alright...ish). If you say yes to the following, you may need their help.

Do you find it hard to control your child?

Sometimes kids simply won't listen!

Does your kid blow up over the slightest thing?

"Okay, okay, you can watch that stupid youtube video for the ten millionth time!"

Does your child still give you sleepless nights?

Just as you start to drift off..... bang. What's he up to now?

If you think that your kid might fit the bill, simply email or call.

Email: Call: 02922 450059 or 075518 68831 Good luck!