TV Presenter Who Blackfaced in Tribute to George Floyd Somehow Didn't See the Backlash Coming | 22 Words

A TV presenter who blackfaced as a "tribute" to George Floyd has (quite rightly) been receiving immense backlash online, but it seems she didn't think there was anything wrong with what she did.

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The Black Lives Matter movement has never before been so prominent.

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Last week, on Monday, May 25th, a defenseless black man was killed while in a police restraint.

George Floyd was arrested and forced to the ground...

Where former police officer, Derek Chauvin, proceeded to kneel on his neck, while 3 other officers knelt on his back.

Footage of George's "arrest" quickly circulated on social media...

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And, in the highly distressing scenes, he could be heard begging with the officers to release him and repeatedly saying "Please, please... I can't breathe."

After nearly ten minutes, George was completely unresponsive.

An ambulance arrived and took the unconscious man to hospital but, devastatingly, he was pronounced dead upon arrival. He was only forty-six years old.

4 days after George's death, some justice was served.

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Derek Chauvin, the man who had knelt on George’s neck, was finally arrested. But this wasn't enough...

Chauvin was originally taken into custody and was charged with murder in the third degree and manslaughter.

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His bond was set at $50,000, and he is due to appear in court on June 8th.

This kind of police brutality has been happening for centuries now...

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But George's death has sparked an outrage like never before.

Thousands upon thousands of people have been taking to the streets in protest...

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And they are all marching for one thing: For the blatant racism and injustice in this country to be brought to an end.

But things have been quick to turn violent.

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Protesters became interweaved with rioters and, as they continue to clash with police, the scenes unfolding across our country have been becoming steadily more violent.

It's a truly terrifying time.

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But change needs to happen and, at the moment, this seems like the only way to make it happen.

But, remarkably, they seem to be working.

Thanks to these riots, the Black Lives Matter movement is dominating global headlines, and it has completely taken over social media.

And of course, the news broke on Wednesday that Chauvin is now facing an upgraded charge...

He is now being charged with second-degree murder according to Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar.

As for the other officers?

Let’s not forget that, while Chauvin is the man primarily responsible for George’s death, 3 other police officers – Thomas Lane, J.A. Kueng, and Tou Thao – also played a significant role in the incident.

Chauvin may have been the one to kneel on his neck...

But alternative footage from the incident shows that 2 other officers were actually kneeling on his back, while a 4th stood on and watched. As reported by the New York Times, it was announced that Thomas Lane, J.A. Kueng, and Tou Thao have all been formally charged with aiding and abetting murder in the death of George Floyd.

This is only the beginning.

And it's so important that we continue to speak out and use our voices.

Tributes have been flooding in for George Floyd...

But it seems that one TV presenter thought it was okay to put on blackface to pay "tribute." Yep, really...

Bosnian TV host Hana Hadziavdagic Tabakovic decided to edit a photo of herself to make her skin appear darker.

Hana captioned her post: "In a racist society, it’s not enough to just say that you are not a racist. One should be loud against racism." Keep scrolling to take a look.

So, she took this image:

As you can see, she is sporting her natural skin tone.

She then edited it to look like this:

One word... yikes.

Blackface is deep-rooted in centuries of racism.

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Throughout history, white people would paint their faces black in order to degrade black people. It happened in all sorts of places. From comedy shows to Halloween costumes. They would compare them to monkeys while simultaneously acting in a humiliating manner to depict black people as uncivilized. So, it's extremely offensive.

So, of course, it wasn't long before the backlash started.

And she quickly deleted the post before apologizing.

Here's what she had to say for herself:

"I apologize publicly if I offended anyone, it was not my intention. Whoever wanted to understand why I did it, they understood, whoever seeks something bad in all good, that speaks for itself. If anyone on social media is fighting for equality, human rights, and love, then that is me." How could she not think what she did was wrong?