Anyone Who Knows the Horror of Going to the Dentist Will Find These Jokes Instantly Relatable | 22 Words

I have said it before, and I will say it again: Dentists are evil. If you knowingly enter a profession that has made people miserable from the beginning of its existence, then you are a miserable human being. (even if you are doing people good in the long run. No one likes going to the dentist, and I'm sure dentists can't even stand sitting down for their regular check-ups every six months.

Going to the dentist is one of the most uncomfortable situations human beings willingly put themselves in. Whether you are trying to tell the hygienist what you did this weekend while she has her fingers in your mouth or you are sitting there in silence as the dentist yells at you to floss more, it is not fun! It is the opposite of fun.

In order to make light of our pain, we tweet jokes about the dentist. Because laughing at terrible things is how we survive.

Do you look like this every time you go to the dentist?

Of course, you do. Everyone looks insane at the dentist. It's uncomfortable and annoying and we hate it. But at least there are these jokes about it so we know we're not alone.

All the other days

No kidding! Suddenly, that day I stood in line at the DMV for four hours seems like nothing compared to going to the dentist.

Hand in mouth

Dentists seem to have this sixth sense. They only ask you questions to which you much respond with words while they are all up in your mouth. It's a real skill.


This is so true. We are all temporary. Life is fleeting, and existence is meaningless. Which means dentists need to cool it with the floss-shaming.

Same-day Intensity

I used to do this until I realized that by the day of your appointment, the damage is already done. No use scrubbing your gums into oblivion only to get yelled at anyway.


This is quite the embarrassing moment, but honestly, who hasn't accidentally sucked a dentist finger in their day? I certainly have.


That's the thing: You give me a mirror, I am instantly taken by own, beautiful face, and I will not hear a word you say. Sorry, not sorry.

Paper bib

Seriously, though! Honestly, you should 100 percent be awarded a lobster dinner anytime you survive a dentist appointment. You already have the bib on. You're halfway there!

Open up

Little tip: When the dentist tells you to open up, she's not saying spill your guts about all your pain. And when a therapist tells you to open up, she is not saying to literally open your mouth. I learned this the hard way.

Good job

This is a great way to get kicked out of the dentist's office. And that way, you never have to go to the dentist again! Yay!

4 out of 5

There is always that one dentist who just cannot get on board with the world's best new toothpaste! What is it with that guy?


Hm, if your dentist has dentures, I would probably run as far away as you can as fast as you can. That's not a vote of confidence for his skills.

Terrible first impression

Gotta love a good pun. But on a serious note, getting those molds made is awful, and uncomfortable and I hate it.

Flavored gloves

I have never heard of flavored latex gloves before, and I do not like this one bit. This honestly feels like we are living in a horror movie.

Remember to floss

Oh, I remember to floss every night. But remembering to floss and mustering the energy to spool out a string of floss, and stand at the mirror for two minutes, and do it are different things.

The last time

Seriously! He thinks I'm flossing at home, on my own? Think again, dentist man!

That thing

This is something that everyone has experienced. Right? It's so weird when you go to the dentist and like, your teeth have spaces between them where there used to be plaque.


I bet dental hygienists super concentrate on making the top half of their faces look great before they go to work every day. I know I would.

Getting old

This is so true! But it's OK because even as a kid I was like "Mint! Please give me something normal like mint! I will puke if it's bubblegum!"

Excellent home care

This just goes to show you that no matter how hard you work on your teeth at home, your mouth is going to be judged every time you go to the dentist. Not worth it!

A crown

Finally, someone recognizes her for the princess she is deep down inside! What an honor!

Other aspirations

I wonder if there was like, a sunflower seed in her mouth or something and it reminded him that he once wanted to work with his hands on a farm.

A fair exchange

This is amazing. I hope he's in an all-Aerosmith cover band made up of all dentists called, "Aeroteeth."

Gut Punch

This is honestly unacceptable. What if you're allergic to cinnamon?! What if you want to feel minty fresh and not cozy and warm?

9 out of 10 dentists agree

I would make an appointment with Gary the handsome dentist. At least that would take a little sting out of the visit.

Dentist dudebro

This is like a description of the Bad Place that the brilliantly funny writers of The Good Place, would have come up with, but it's real life.

Moments from death

Honestly, hygienists need to tone down their rhetoric. They've convinced me I'm going to die by the time the dentist comes in.

How often?

If I total up all the times I've flossed in my entire lifetime, it is more than two. So I have that going for me.

Best dentist

Go, Ted! You're the king, Ted! Great joke, Ted! What a funny bloke, that Ted!

Lip balm

This is insanely creepy and should never ever happen. Share this with someone who understands the horror of being in the dentist's chair!