10 Tweets by Single People That Prove the Struggle Is Real

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Being single can be a very sucky experience.

On one hand, you have all sorts of free time – on the other, you have no one to spend said free time with. Then there’s all the couples always walking past, rubbing their happiness in your face…

It’s really not ideal, sometimes.

Here are 10 tweets that perfectly show the sucky side of being single.

First of all, how dare you? Dogs ARE our significant others.

They’re always by our sides, and they give us all the unconditional love we could ask for. How dare this person dismiss the dog like that?

So true. You’ll know you’ve found the one when you have someone who can deadpan snark just as hard as you can. That’s a fact.    

Also, don’t you hate it when those loving couples prance by all lovingly? They’re literally the worst.

Sometimes, you need someone to share the burden of the household… even if that household consists of just one person.

True story. It sucks to always cook and clean by yourself.

Honestly, what single person HASN’T cried once or twice after eating dinner alone for the umpteenth time by themselves?

Sometimes, you just want someone to hold you…. and spend Valentines Day together with. Is that too much to ask?

Oh, the irony. Everywhere you turn, there’s engagements…

Even the freaking bathroom is engaged. It’s enough to give you a complex.

What is one nightstand anyway? Everyone knows you should always have two – you know, to complete the tableau.  

But seriously, it sucks when you’re surrounded by all kinds of braggarts bragging about their twenty thousand conquests when you can’t even get one.

Doesn’t it always seem like there’s so many people out there, but none of them want you?

This picture perfectly sums it up. No, seriously. Next time your mom asks why you’re single, show her this.

It always happens. The moment you’re single, you walk out and see tons of people engaging in PDA – holding hands, kissing…

It’s enough to make you hurl. It’s really THAT gross.

This tweet is so true. You know you shouldn’t fall for that person, you know it’s gonna break your heart, but you do so anyway.

Also, why do we do these things to ourselves? Why???

When you’re single, particularly if you’ve been so for a long time, you start to get the awful feeling that you’re unlovable and unwanted.

Don’t listen to it – you’re an amazing and beautiful person. Your dog definitely thinks so.