I don't know if you have ever tried to get a kid to do chores, but it a nearly impossible task. Convincing a child to put the dishes away is like trying to ice skate on the grass. Getting a child to clean their room is like standing on the ground and trying to fly. No matter how hard you want it to happen, it just will not.

How do I know this? I don't have any children of my own. But a bunch of years ago, I was a child. I was a child who was also a ninja expert at avoiding chores. My parents would be like, "Wash the dishes please!" and 30 minutes later, when I was watching TV in the den and the pile of dishes was still in the sink, they'd be like, "Why haven't you washed the dishes?" and I'd be like, "I did!" and they'd be like, "No you didn't!" and I'd be like, "Ughhhh it's not fair," and they'd be like, "I don't care, you get over here and wash those dishes right now!" and I'd be like, "Fineeeeee."

Basically, I was a nightmare. And not actually that great at avoiding chores. Here are some hilarious tweets from frustrated parents who know what an impossible task it is to get kids to do their chores.

Let's face it: Chores are no fun.

As an adult, you may pour yourself a glass of wine and blast your music, but that doesn't make you any more excited about vacuuming your apartment. When you're a kid, chores are even worse.

Selective hearing

Oh man, how many times did I use the "I didn't hear you!" excuse as a kid? The answer is many, many times.

Wi-Fi Dictator

This is genius. Kids will do anything for an internet connection. They can't help themselves.

New tone

Oh, you didn't like that tone either? *Terrible British accent* "'ello gunva! I won't be cleaning my room today, old mate!"


At least kids tell the truth about when they're lying. They haven't quite grasped that whole concept yet. Parents just keep getting more and more frustrated...

Cleaning for us

This brings back such memories. It was unfathomable to me as a kid that we would clean the house if no one was coming over.

Child labor

Believe me, kids create way more chores for parents than they perform for their parents. They create so much more mess than they clean up.


I don't understand how kids manage to make the most mess when they are attempting to clean. It's their superpower.

Kid fun vs. kid hell

It's so true! Kids love to grocery shop for fake food, but then they throw a temper tantrum in the real produce aisle. Buddy, these grapes are real! That's so much better!


Oh yeah, they're straight-up lying. The next one is perfect.

Supposed to be cleaning

Hey! You don't know her process. Maybe she is tap dancing to the dresser to put her clothes away.

All parents

All parents say this. Because it is true for all parents. Kids are anti-cleaning monsters.

Truth or dare

"Ugh, truth!" "OK, the truth is you're going to be in big trouble if you don't clean your room." Game. Over. For. Real.


No matter how many times you clean, how thoroughly you scrub, within minutes, it will all be a mess again. It's called parenthood.

Cleaning and destroying

Cleaning really is a vicious cycle. Are you frustrated yet?


Hm, yes, this seems about right. I'd maybe even bump up that "complaining" percentage.

Magic erasers

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are truly magical miracle products, and not just because of this. But also because of this.

Walking in

Yes! This is the best use of this meme I have seen. It's so true. Parents are so intense about chores.


I gotta say, that's a pretty good excuse. The kid's happy and doesn't want to stop being happy, so why clean?


You know you have really snapped and scared your children when they agree to clean their rooms in silence. That's next-level stuff right there. The next one is too true.

Constantly cleaning

Like I said before, vicious cycle. Kids are like little garbage monsters leaving garbage everwhere.

Broom beating

I mean, hey, are you going to scold her while she holds a broom? You're like halfway to actually getting her to clean.


It's just better if you don't look. In fact, never look in the playroom again. It's done.

Apt simile

It's true. It's just never ever in a million years going to happen.

Spring break

Have you ever wanted to be stuck with kids arguing about doing chores but never actually doing chores? Then spring break is for you! The next one...let's just say truer words have never been spoken...

Hard to tell

It is hard to tell! Especially since even when they are trying to clean, it looks more like they are making a mess.

Not my style

Kid, cleaning is no one's style. It's not fun. But sometimes we all have to do things that are not our style.

Gone in a flash

This was so me! "Could you help me clean?" "I can't, I have homework, and more homework, and a project, and I broke my leg and can't walk."


You know what, they're cleaning. Let them eat the fuzzy, lint-covered candy from under the bed.

Big Bad Wolf

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