These #Adulting Tweets Prove You're Not Alone | 22 Words

Let me tell you something. I have been an adult for a while now. And this stuff is really hard. Just when you think you have totally nailed it, just when you figured out how to empty the vacuum, you will realize that you have not actually done laundry in a month and you have no clean underwear. Just when you realize you have enough money to finally buy that video game you have been pining over, you realize you would rather spend it on cleaning products and spend the weekend making your apartment super pristine.

It kind of sucks. But such is adulthood. If you are in your twenties or thirties...or even early forties...the harsh reality of adulthood will continue to smack you in the face until you become immune to its surprises, which may never happen. However, if you realize that you are not going through this all along, you will feel much better about it. That is the reason I've compiled these tweets.

Adulthood honestly kind of sucks.

We spend our whole childhood clamoring to be an adult, and then it happens and we're like, "Ehhhhhhhhh...."

Fitted sheet

Wow, this is way too accurate. No one knows how, and it turns out it's totally impossible.


I love this picture because it's a cute dog, but also because it sums up adulthood very nicely.

"I'm fine"

This is also a good one. Adulthood is like having a sword through your neck at all times and pretending everything is fine, and not just because now my neck always hurts.

Adultier adults

Oh man, this is so true. I need people who know what they're doing to do things for me. That's what being an adult is all about.


I mean, if you live in a city, driving isn't necessary, really. But this is a standard adulting skill.

Morning people

I am one of those people who used to be able to stay up late and sleep in, but now if I sleep until 8 a.m. I'm like, "Hallelujah! I did it!"


I mean, yes, this is very accurate. You get tired after trying all those passwords repeatedly.

Pickles for dinner

That's another terrible thing about adulthood. If you don't make your own meals, you end up eating pickles for dinner.

Odd noises

I've honestly surprised myself with the sounds that come out of my body when doing everyday activities. It's rough.

Phone calls

I got over this fear...recently. This is such a thing for kids who grew up in the '90s, I think because we lived through time with no caller ID!


Ah yes, leftovers for breakfast. I know this adult tradition very well.


Oh my god, what even happens when you do this? I wouldn't know. I've never used fabric softener in my life.

Gelato for lunch

Yes. This is literally one of the only perks of being an adult. Carry on with gelato for lunch.

Two onesies

This seems like a perfectly acceptable ratio to me. You have to have a onesie with footies and one without. Duh.


That's the thing you don't realize about adulthood until you're in it. It's so expensive. You have to buy things all the time!

Figuring it out

Most of your time as an adult is spent figuring out how you actually feel and then taking steps to stop or keep feeling that way, depending. I guess I just described life.

Googling phone numbers

How did he know?! I do this all the time! Unless I know the number, it's frantically being googled and then no matter what it says, I don't answer it.

Mom advice

Sorting clothes for laundry?! Who does that, am I right?! Right? No? You all sort your laundry? Well then.


Seriously, though, emailing should be an Olympic sport. It takes a very special set of skills to be good at it.

No clean undies

Hey, at least you washed it and didn't just do what most people do: Turn it inside out and keep on keeping on.


Yeah... That's a bad one. You definitely don't want to do that. This is one of my worst fears.

Adult face

These are all good questions and ones that I ask myself every single morning when I look in the mirror.

Grocery shopping

Real talk: That sounds kind of delicious. But I know this feeling very well. "Hm, guess it's chocolate chips and ham for dinner!"

Asleep on the couch

I feel like falling asleep on the couch is an adulthood rite of passage. It's what parents are famous for!

Birthday money

When you become an adult, all you want is money so you can pay for the things you need. People who buy us gifts, take note.

Netflix password

Someday, I will have my own Netflix password or even my own (gasp!) HBOGo password, and it will be incredible.

Dentist appointment

Oh man, this super sucks because I know how long it takes to work up the courage to make a dentist appointment. It cannot be easy to do it twice.

Adulting is hard

This is such an aggressive way to ask for food. I do it all the time.


I wish you could just lie on the floor until your responsibilities went away. Share this with someone else who's trying to figure out how to be an adult.