Tweets for People Who Are Low-Key Obsessed with Bon Appétit Test Kitchen | 22 Words

Admit it: You're only here because there isn't a new episode of "It's Alive" right now.

It's OK. I get it. I'm right there with you.

At some point over the last year or so, I have found my new Internet home, and it is the Bon Appétit YouTube page.

Since you're here, I assume you're familiar with the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen, but in case you are not, let me break it down for you real quick: It is Heaven on Earth, and we do not deserve it.

Bon Appétit started out as a food and entertaining magazine in 1956 and was published by Condé Nast. Now, it's still a magazine, but I think we can all safely say that it's become so much more. There's the website, the Instagram accounts, and — of course — the YouTube page. Bon Appétit is not just my go-to source for fancy-ish recipes that I can actually cook in my own home (major shoutout to Molly's adult mac & cheese!); it's also my favorite source of hilarious (yet still totally educational) videos.

If you're not already in love with Claire Saffitz, you are wrong.

But all it takes is one video — probably something from the "Gourmet Makes" series — and you'll be head over heels for Claire, whom I have dubbed the Bon Appétit Queen.

And, of course, there's Brad.

He is the greatest and he is perfect and funny and an all-around wonderful person, and I am not open to criticism on this opinion at this time, thank you.

I'm not alone in these opinions. Twitter is also obsessed with the Bon Appétit staff:

Honestly, you can go ahead and delete every single comic book movie from existence and just leave me Bon Appétit videos. I am so fine with that.

Asking for a friend.

Yes. It's just called "Twitter."

Are you hiring?

You don't even need to pay me. I will just sit in the corner and taste some of the foods and be friends with Claire, Brad, and Andy. That's all I want.

Taken over.

I'm pretty sure I used to watch other videos on YouTube, but I can't for the life of me remember what they were. Oh well.

My hero:

I try to follow this same rule, with the same exception, of course. I also make an exception for any animal accounts because I am not a monster.

My parents.

Yes! This person gets it! Honestly, I think there's a fundamental misunderstanding of the dynamic between Brad and Claire. Everyone wants them to be in love but they are really more like brother and sister in my eyes. But also my parents.

Watching videos > cooking.

I have watched every single episode of "It's Alive," and yet have absolutely zero desire to ever drink kombucha ever in my life. But I'm fine with that.


This is the crossover event that I need in my life. "Can you believe?" "Who's better than us?"

This person is my actual hero:

And lest you think they didn't come up with those perfect matches, they did, friend. They did.

I mean, look:

Claire was always going to be Hermione. No doubt about it. Brad as Hagrid? I wouldn't have guessed it, but I see it.


Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. These are all completely correct. I don't know how you did it. Must be a Ravenclaw.

Yes, please!

After we do the Queer Eye/BA crossover, we're gonna need to get on the Harry Potter assignment. Please. Guys. I need this.

For real, though.

I hope Claire knows that we all feel this way. Even when she refuses to temper chocolate.

Do they, though?

I need them to know. I hope they know.


Raise your hand if you sometimes say "wourder" even though you've never said "wourder" before watching "It's Alive!" Yeah. Me too.


This is the Internet. Anything is possible. Claire, if you become my BFF, I promise you will never have to temper chocolate again! Also, I will introduce you to all of the junk foods you apparently missed out on during your childhood.

I would also like to know.

Who are you voting for in next year's election? I'm going for Brad Leone and Samin Nosrat (who was featured in a recent "It's Alive!" ep and who is also perfect).

The only YouTube that matters.

Yes. Hard same.


When I learned that Claire was leaving Bon Appétit, I cried real, actual tears. When I found out she was going to continue hosting "Gourmet Makes," I breathed a sigh of relief. And when I learned that she's writing her own cookbook (!), I jumped for joy.

She's never going to do it.

Claire: I'm going to make Gushers. Me: You can't do that. It's impossible. Claire: *Makes Gushers*

Molly is also super great.

I don't mean for Molly to get lost in all of the Brad and Claire love going on, here. Molly's dog? Also perfect.

Dinner parties!

So weird. This is also exactly what goes on in my head!

What are you into?

I am into Bon Appétit videos and basically zero other things. Hope that works for you.

Oh my.

I...don't think I can comment on this one. But, like, I GET IT.

Double it.

Did I say double it? Triple it. Quadruple it. Give that woman anything she wants.

Most wonderful place on Earth.

Forget Disneyland. I'm planning my next vacation for the Test Kitchen.

They do this, right?

And you just know it'd come out looking like the best pie that has ever existed in all of time. That's just how they do it.

Any second now.

Yes. This is the only logical progression. Share this with someone who is also obsessed with Bon Appétit videos!