Tweets You'll Only Understand If You're a Working Mom | 22 Words

Working moms are incredible superheroes. They have this otherworldly strength that comes from who-knows-where. Whether moms work from home or out of an office, they are completing a full-time job on top of another full-time job. Because being a mom is already a full-time job. And even though it is 2018 and partners should equally contribute to the child-rearing, we all know that overall, moms still end up with the bulk of the work and the emotional labor, whether it is right or not. They do so whether they are busy working a whole other job or not!

There seems to be a stigma within the mom world about moms who work. But it is time to lay that silliness to rest. Working moms are amazing beings who dedicate time to their families, working nonstop to provide for their kids. That being said, working moms become exhausted, dealing with hilariously tough problems, some of which you have to laugh at because if you don't laugh, you cry. And crying is not as fun!

Moms don't get to retire.

They hustle and support their families their whole lives. Here are some hilarious working moms who are doing the best they can with a smile on their faces.

Anyone else?

Sure, stepping on Legos in your bare feet is annoying, but have you ever gotten a block stuck in your stiletto? This is the next level.

Being late for work.

Isn't it the most frustrating thing in the world when yelling doesn't work? Because where do you go from there?

Doing free work.

I've said it before and I'll remind you of it again before this gallery is over: Being a mom is already a full-time job that no one gets paid to do.


Friday used to mean you could kick back, and relax for two days. Now it means you have to constantly entertain tiny demons.

Suitable outfit choices.

When you're a working mom, sometimes you have to do two very different activities in the same way. I never even thought about how hard it could be to find an outfit suitable for both!

A permanently exhausted pigeon.

When you're a mom, you don't get the luxury of choosing to wake up early or stay up late. You're forced to do both all of the time.

Look it up on WebMD.

Let's see, are you tired all the time? Are your hands constantly covered in mysterious, sticky substances? Do you find toys in your hair? You might have kids.

Celebrating milestones.

It's amazing how much kids do not care about what's going with you considering that you like, gave birth to them and are the reason they're alive.

A baby monitor cell phone.

I cannot make any calls, but I can hear the baby farting all day, so that's pretty great!

Taking two trips.

When you are a working mom, you need to make two trips out of the house every morning because you have two completely different lives.

Using your "mom voice."

Whether you are a mom or you grew up with a mom, we all know that "mom voice," and we all know how loud it can get.

Making empty promises.

Look, sure you would love to spend all day planting a vegetable garden just so your kid doesn't have to come off like a liar, but when you're a working mom, you don't have that luxury.

Chocolate Thumbprints.

This is cute, but it's also one of those things that you may not notice until you get home, and then you have to determine how many people saw it.

Taking a red eye.

You know you are sleep-deprived when you think of a red-eye flight as rest. They are better than trying to sleep in a house with a crying baby.

Spit-up all over.

Was it a conference to teach you how to get spit-up off of jackets? Probably wasn't, but that would be amazingly convenient if it was.

Being on time for work.

When you're a working mom, often the first thing you forget is to take care of yourself.

Wearing waterproof makeup.

Oh man, the mental gymnastics you have to do to figure out any way to get a few extra minutes of sleep is seriously intricate and impressive.

Mini terrorists and a man-child.

There's an easy solution to this one! Tell your man-child to stop being a baby and pick up a bunch of the slack or he's going to get kicked to the curb.

Taking a business trip.

Kids have no concept of the idea that when you are not with them, you're not always thinking about them, 100 percent of the time. They think you spent your whole business trip looking out for gifts for them.

A second day off.

When you're a working mom, your day off from your paying job is often consumed by doctor's appointments or housework or other errands. That's not a real vacation.

Diaper Diaries.

That's not embarrassing! At least it shouldn't be. It's like, "Oops! Sorry, look at this mess! It's just proof of how much harder than you I'm working."

Taking a vacation.

Sometimes having time to clean the house and spend time at home does feel like an actual vacation.

Reaching a new point in life.

I mean, who hasn't licked something off their phone at one point or another? We're all in this gross life together.

A relaxing activity.

I don't know about you but I love taking a nap in the bath and then being startled awake when a minion toy grazes my foot.

Working from home.

Sometimes as a working mom, you will have to say, "I have to leave work because my child has pooped in his pants too much," and that's just a fact of life.

Today's goal.

This is a good goal to have, but it's also something that you have no control over. Kids puke all of the time!

All of the dinosaurs.

Honestly, it's really impressive that this mom can name all the dinosaurs. There are many different dinosaurs!

Missing your kids.

It's hard when moms of new babies have to start going back to work. You can't fathom missing all that sleeping and farting.

The new mom.

Veteran working moms, isn't it so funny when new moms miss their kids when they go to work? They still don't want to get away from them as much as possible. Hilarious. Share this with a working mom you know!