They say that laughter is the best medicine but is that still true if you end up crying afterward? I don't mean, like, you're laughing so hard that you start to cry. I mean that something starts out being funny, and you laugh...only to have some sort of soul-crushing realization that what started as a joke is actually way too true about your real life.

Not trying to make you have some sort of identity crisis or anything. Just asking!

Honestly, I think laughing and then crying can actually be pretty cathartic! At least after you've cried yourself into a puddle and questioned every single decision you've ever made throughout your entire life, you can look back on the good times when you were laughing.

If this whole laugh-then-cry process sounds like something you'd like to experience, then you're gonna love the very true comedians of Twitter.

They're the pros of making people have a self-reflective chuckle.

So, grab the popcorn...and the box of Kleenex, and let's get ready to laugh. And then cry.

Just IMAGINE this.

Imagine that student's utter horror at realizing what they've just done. At least Professor What's His Nuts seems to have embraced his new identity.

This is hilarious...until it's not.

The idea of a young adult not knowing how libraries work? Hysterical. In an "Oh no! We've failed the youth! What will become of us? Who will tell our story?" kind of way.

That's a dog of a different color.

I've laughed. I've cried. And then I circled back around to laughing again. Come on. A pink dog?!

We've all been there.

If you haven't had a good toilet cry while watching someone's Instagram story, then what are you even doing with your life? Oh, living it in a way that leaves you feeling satisfied and totally fulfilled? You don't have to BRAG about it.

What's the diff?

Honestly, the Venn diagram of "People who buy hummus" and "People who drive a Prius" is pretty much a circle, so.

I will marry my couch.

If Prince Phillip could defeat a dragon to rescue Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, then surely your prince charming can figure out how to get into your living room.

Yoga time!

I've actually mastered this really amazing yoga routine that I can't recommend enough. All you have to do is put on pajamas, get into your bed, and practice Corpse Pose for 8 hours.

"It's so easy!"

There's no betrayal quite so poignant as that of being promised at the beginning of a YouTube tutorial that "anyone can achieve this look," only to discover that you may, in fact, be the only person on the planet who cannot.

I don't have a problem.

It's true, though! I can stop anytime I want to. And the time I want to stop is after I have completed the entire cake.

This is a tough one.

If you haven't watched The Devil Wears Prada for a few years, I recommend not re-visiting it unless you're ready to have your dreams crushed a little bit.


No, no. This makes total sense. If you mess up at work, maybe you lose your job. But if you miss a critical plot point of Jane the Virgin? You're gonna be so lost for the rest of the season!

Don't panic.

And second of all, just do that thing where you rub it off and then try it again. (Third of all, let me just call my successful friend real quick. She will spot me some money.)

This one cuts deep.

Me, absolutely hating something: I love it!

"I'm so thirsty."

Why do they even make coffee cups like this? Somebody start a petition against them so I can sign it.

Hey, that's all I can afford!

I've got HGTV dreams on an IKEA budget.

We can't keep doing this.

I think my mom would probably walk into my office, see me working, and still ask what I'm doing. That's just what moms do.

Hate to break it to you, pal.

You were a "Dimn" in the rough! I bet today you're a total "sDr."


Hey, at least there are so many jobs and the economy is booming and the future looks bright!

(It's 14.)

Yeah, but you can buy a cake and eat the entire thing in one sitting. Surely, that must count for something?

"Hey, it's me!"

I didn't even know my voicemail had a time limit until my mom started leaving me messages. I actually wasn't even sure I had a voicemail at all, TBH.


Nah, it's cool. I've just spent the majority of my paychecks here for several years but like, I get it. I will take the eyeliner that contains enough product to draw on a single freckle.

You got that right.

Why make the effort to not let something offend you when you can have a complete meltdown and a life crisis instead?

Every single time.

Every time I request an Uber, I obsessively Google the make and model of the car so I look like I know what I'm doing. This isn't a joke, really. It's just something I do.

It's a start!

Some people struggle with maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Others struggle with maintaining a being at work/doing actual work balance.

Tale as old as time.

But really, that'd be bad too. He'd just start giving you pointers about how you don't know how to throw and how, actually, that fish is technically a porpoise.

That's not what I meant.

Let's just go back to having awkward conversations that make me question whether I'll be alone forever.


Um, let me think. Lay around in the sun all day. Have someone deliver food to me for every meal. Sleep a lot. YEAH, I think I'll take being a housecat, thanks.

"I need an adult."

I usually just hand them my insurance card and hope that they don't have any other questions for the rest of my life.

Oh whoops.

I know it's hot. Of course, it's hot. But I'm gonna burn myself anyway. Share this with someone who could use a good laugh...and a good cry.