Tweets So Hilarious They Were Liked Over 100K Times

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What’s your favorite tweet? Do you have one? Like a great TV comedy, there are tweets I think about every few weeks that were so funny, they still make me laugh.

Twitter has become the great equalizer in comedy: anyone can start one and if you’re funny enough, chances are at some point one of your tweets might get major recognition. While one viral tweet probably won’t land you a job writing for television, you never know! Lots of now-famous comedy writers like Megan Amram and Rob Delany first got noticed on Twitter because their hilarious tweets were so popular.

Or maybe you’re just the type to sit back, scroll through, and take in all the funny tweets by people who probably have way too much time on their hands. (No judgment, I am one of them.)

Either way, if you love to laugh, Twitter is the place to be. And it’s all free! What a world we live in.

Here are some hilarious tweets that got over 100K likes.

In our hearts, I think we are all the surprise dog.

There’s Bozo and the scary one from It and…that’s it?

It’s a thing of beauty. I will take this to my hair stylist.

Those sticks of spaghetti are worth $10,000.

What kind of cardio is she doing, because I want in.

This is cute.

Help, I’m so bad at math.

I never remember how terrible cold brew makes me feel, I just know I need it.

Just let me sleep! For an hour! Please!

He’s fine, he’s going fishing, mind your own business.

I’m only on season 3 but I assume this is funny.

And like, did he even play Pokemon?

Maybe play it off like you just weren’t that interested in the PacSun rewards program?

You can’t be too prepared.

(I, the author of this listicle, wrote this tweet). Yeah, I slipped my own 100K+ tweet into this list. What about it?

When I was six I was the star artist in my class. Now I draw like I’m six.

Just all the time.

You did the claps, didn’t you?

Very advanced graphic design. Hire him!

I can’t help it! I just don’t want anyone to think I’m mad! LOL! This is normal!

They always say teaching is a thankless profession and now I get it.

Ok but seriously if my mom did this I wouldn’t ever come home even to do laundry.

How do people do it? Budgeting is so difficult.

Whoops, that’s awkward.

How can you just forget about your real sister like that? Especially when you still have her pink sweater!

The Parent Trap snack gone terribly, terribly wrong.

Also the absolute crushing defeat of realizing the show you were trying to record on tape did not work. Tragic.

Sometimes you medically need a milkshake. Doctors agree.

Where did he meet them? Were there kickball leagues in Biblical times?

Wait, he loves it. Oh, no he hates it. Wait, he loves it again.

That could have gotten really awkward.

Why is it always kayaking?

But whyyyyyyy.

Oh no, now you’ve opened the portal to the spirits of one-hit wonders. Your house is now haunted by Lou Bega.

*Drops a dozen eggs* Well, I guess I need to spend the summer in Italy.