I don't know, man. If I have kids, I can't imagine traveling with them until they can sit still for a minimum of five hours and entertain themselves, not to mention take bathroom breaks by themselves. I don't know how parents do it. Traveling with small children should be an Olympic sport because the parents who do it all deserve medals. They are professional-level athletes of the highest caliber.

If you have ever been on a plane with a screaming baby, trust that no one is more embarrassed, more exhausted, and sorrier than that baby's parents. It just sucks all around. And then, you get to your vacation destination, and your kids are whining and they don't want to do anything and they're tired and they're cranky and you spend a week dragging them around while they're crying and hating everything. And then you hate your vacation, it's miserable, and you just want to go home and sleep. Ever been there? Then these tweets are for you.

This pretty much sums up what it's like to travel with kids.

They are lucky they're cute because otherwise they would be straight-up evil monsters.

Stop that

Someone should make a montage of parents just screaming at their kids in all different countries, in front of the pyramids, in front of Big Ben, at the top of the Grand Canyon... That would be hilarious and terrible all at the same time.

A liar

The only person potentially saying this genuinely is a retired person with grown children. That's the only person.


Comedian Jim Gaffigan probably knows this well. He has a whole legion of small children.

Travel without happiness

Only a true masochist would travel with kids. I don't know how people do it. I don't think I would be able to.

Third bathroom stop

Small kids on trips basically act like true divas, and if you don't do what they want, they will cry until you do.

First episode of Lost

This is cruel, but it's probably effective, so I don't know if it's right or wrong. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Prized possessions

Oh man, this is so true. Usually, it's someone's phone, and only a blood-curdling scream will stop it from happening.

Scarlet 'A'

Hester Prynne has nothing on this mom who boarded a plane with four children. The stares were icy. The judgment was real.

Thousands of dollars

This is the human equivalent to a cat being more into the packaging of the toy you bought it than the toy itself. It's infuriating.

Birth control

See? There is a silver lining to having kids misbehave on planes. You're doing a good deed for others.

Airline carry-on

I don't understand why this is noteworthy. She packed all the essentials. Except she missed the box of broken crayons. You know, in case you get hungry.

Same button

When I have kids, we are going to spend car rides listening to mommy's music and doing nothing else. And they will like it.

10 Reasons

Um, yep! This about sums it up. If you can come up with a positive thing about traveling with kids, please call me.

Bathroom tour

I get this. If I'm being completely honest though, this is also what it's like to be on vacation with me.

Snacks on snacks

I'm like, too good at packing snacks for myself when I go on a flight. I can't imagine how much food I'd bring if I had kids to feed.

Eiffel Tower tantrums

Amazing picture. This kid is in Paris, on what looks like a gorgeous day, screaming and crying on the grass. Being a toddler is that hard.

The click

It's so true! They should invent some sort of net that always catches the things your kids drop within a reachable distance of your kid.

Traveling alone

Oh heck no. If I'm traveling with kids, I will 100 percent have another adult there with me to share the anguish and blame.

Gift shops

I'm not going to lie. Even as an adult, I love a good gift shop. I just don't throw a temper tantrum when I don't buy anything from it. Usually.

Every single thing

You have no right to judge what a parent does with a kid in an airport until you are in that position yourself.

Stop complaining

Seriously. Chances are that mom did not choose to travel with a bunch of screaming kids. She has to, and she probably hates it more than you do.


This is hilarious! I never thought about how parents could easily lose track of these things if they have multiple children.

Aisle for middle

I mean, great for that woman, but in no world am I giving up my aisle seat to sit in the middle. I will sit in an aisle next to a screaming child all day before I sit in a middle seat.


When you vacation with kids, you don't really vacation. You parent harder than you've ever parented before.


Kids never appreciate the things they're supposed to appreciate about vacations. Just take them to McDonald's. It's the same thing.

A book to read

I would play a game called "Who can read for the longest time?" and see how long that lasts. That's gotta buy you at least five minutes, right?

Poop smell

Kids smell like poop all the time. Because they poop all the time. And I don't know why, but the littler the kid, the worse the poop smell.

The drama

Kids being taken on vacation often have no idea how lucky they have it. They scream and cry, and that's just on the way to the airport.

Don't care

Hilarious. Harsh, but hilarious. Share this with someone who knows the pain of traveling with kids!