19 Tweets That Made Us Literally LOL

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The world is burning.

Luckily, there are people on Twitter who make funnies every day.

These tweets will make you laugh and snort and forget all the bad news in the world for a few seconds.

And that’s all we can really ask for at this point. A temporary reprieve. So go ahead! giggle at these 19 tweets because you deserve it.


God really messed up by not adding “zilla” to the end of her name. Would have been way cooler.

The quiet Click takeover

This is so brilliant and strange and weird. I have so many questions. First is how and why did he get so many Click DVDs?

Too many huts

How much more efficient would life be if they just fused Pizza Hut and Sunglass Hut? There are already combination Pizza Huts and Taco Bells. This is the natural next step.

Sowing the seeds

That’s how flirting works these days, right? The next one is Twitter legend Megan Amram at her finest…

Our scariest president

This tweet is really funny until you realize that our scariest president is actually currently in office.

Our pregnant hero

Give this woman a medal. Sure, there’s a chance that she just misunderstood the question, but either way, she’s a hero.

Messages from the printer

What would you even think if this message was randomly printed to your printer? Maybe you’d figure it out eventually, but I bet you’d panic for at least 30 whole seconds.

Coke or Pepsi

The “We don’t have Coke. Is Pepsi OK?” question is extremely offensive to any soda fan and we should probably just go ahead and strike it from society.

Martha Stewart

I 100 percent agree with this sentiment. Martha Stewart owned an empire, but it wasn’t until she went to jail and then became best friends with Snoop Dogg that she became an absolute legend. The next one is so true you’ll feel it in your soul…

Rock-solid proof

There is literally nothing as satisfying as this. Not sex, not getting a popcorn kernel out of your teeth that had been stuck there for days. Nothing.

The fanciest dog breeds

I love this bit and admire Karen for pulling it off, but lying would bring me so much fear and paranoia that I couldn’t actually do it, even if it was about something as dumb as a dog breed.

Wet t-shirt contest

Um hi, Paige? Actually, that’s, um, that’s not exactly how wet t-shirt contests work. Better luck next time.

The case of the rude text

Look, moms do this sometimes. That doesn’t mean she’s mad at you. But also moms are master manipulators, so it could also mean that she will never talk to you again.

The daily schedule of a real-life woman

Raise your hand if you relate to this tweet. If you’re not raising your hand, you’re lying. The next one contains a picture of a true legend…

The hero we need right now

This is the best way to keep your luggage identifiable from the rest. But this woman is especially amazing because her face on the suitcase is so big. It doesn’t have to be that big. But it is.

The horse tornado

This gives me an idea. It’s called a Sharknado and it’s the newest Disneyland ride.

How to budget

This is a real conundrum. I don’t see anywhere in this budget that expenses could be cut down.

The wedding toast

This made me cackle. I hope it does the same for you.

A spider wrote this

“No seriously. Spiders are great for the environment. They don’t want to bother you, and they actually think you’re really cool and just sort of want to be your friend.” Share your friend with someone who needs a laugh!