Tweets That Prove That Millennials Aren’t the Problem Right Now

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We’ve all seen the Tweets blaming “millennials” for going out partying during the pandemic. But now those born between 1981 and 1996 are striking back with a cold hard dose of the truth.

As the coronavirus pandemic worsens, people are keen to criticize “millennials” who are using their time off to party.

And sure, it is very irresponsible.

The one proven thing everyone can do to help prevent the spread of the virus is to stay at home.

Seeing people flout these recommendations is frustrating!

Particularly when experts keep on telling us the massive loss of life behavior like this risks.

The people out on spring break? They’re not millennials at all. And Twitter was quick to hit back.

Just think about the age of college students.

Hardly the prime spring break demographic.

Clue: it’s not partying.

Millennials ≠ kids.

As a catch-all to mean the ignorant and the selfish!

Not spring break, that’s for sure.

They’ll be sneaking off to bed in the first hour.

They’re not millennials.

Baking bread, duh.

Between the boomers and generation z, both of whom seem to regard a pandemic as not that big of a deal …

Please stop yelling at us!

Perhaps even bordering on the side of the hypochondriacs!

More like fortysomethings!

Probably even more so, since they’re getting the blame.

Everyone up to date now?

Perhaps direct your attention towards Gen Z, instead …

Maybe they would have partied.

But the point is, they aren’t now!

Leave Millenials alone! And if you’re doing the responsible thing and staying in right now, don’t worry – we’ve got you. Here’s everything new about to hit Netflix in April.