Relatable Tweets About Being Addicted to Girl Scout Cookies | 22 Words

It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas. It is Girl Scout cookie season. I know. Better than Christmas. We are not allowed to buy Girl Scout cookies all year long, which is probably part of the reason they are so incredibly coveted. From Samoas (the best type of Girl Scout cookie) to Tagalongs (the second best type) to Thin Mints to Trefoils to all the other weird ones that I don't really ever eat (don't @ me), there is a Girl Scout cookie for everyone. And they are available now.

Needless to say, people are freaking out. Girl Scout cookies are here, so we can't really think or talk about anything else. They are not always easy to find, so you have to make sure that if you happen to come across a table of little cookie-selling girls outside of the supermarket or something, you are ready to snatch up as many boxes as you want (at least four boxes. That's like, the minimum.).

Take the advice of the Girl Scouts and...

This is the only time of year you can do it! No joke, I went to a bakery one day and there were Girl Scouts outside, and I left the bakery, where I'd just bought pastries, and bought a box of Girl Scout cookies.

U right

$20 is a small price to pay for four boxes of absolute bliss. If we're being honest, though, four boxes would only last like, an afternoon.

Five seasons

Yes, this. If you say your favorite season is fall, you're a liar. Girl Scout cookie season is obviously the best.


Girl Scout cookie season is like the one time of year that you should let yourself give in to every temptation. Let it happen.

Frog and Toad

Frog and Toad are clearly talking about Thin Mints. I didn't even know frogs and toads could eat chocolate.


I have never read a more realistic statement. It's so true. The only thing to do if you don't eat them in one sitting is to put the rest in the freezer.

Support the troops

Oh my god, this is the best excuse for eating cookies I've ever heard. Gotta support the troops...the Girl Scout troops.

Credit cards

Oh, baby, it's 2019. The Girls Scouts take all different forms of payment these days. You have no excuse not to buy them.


Charlotte is going to be a CEO one day. What a brilliant idea. She knows what the people want.


Yes, you can buy them online now, but it sort of feels like cheating. You have to find them out in the world for it to really count.

New diet

This seems reasonable. As long as you throw some Tagalongs in there. They have peanut butter, so that's protein.

Sound logic

The Girls Scouts knew exactly what they were doing when they told little girls to sell cookies outside stores.

No judgment

Honestly, let's all make this pact. When you see me filling up one of those old lady carts with Samoas, just nod and move along.


Girl Scout cookies have this power over people. No matter how mean you are, I will buy Girl Scout cookies from you.

One box

The only criteria for marrying someone should be that they understand this. Girl Scout cookies are not to be taken lightly.

Cookie plug

Every Girl Scout cookie season, I wrack my brain trying to think of who I know who would know a Girl Scout. It's important.


Let this be a lesson to you: Never lie to a Girl Scout. They will catch you in that lie. And they will make you pay (via Venmo).

By the sleeve

I'm afraid to even know what a serving of Thin Mints is. It's probably something ridiculous like 3 cookies. Never.

Cookie exercises

If you can get a gig moving Girl Scout cookies, take it, especially if it pays in free cookies. You can sweat off some calories and then replace them with cookies.

New Year's resolution

Wow, this is harsh. So true. But if you haven't started your resolution yet, you can just wait 'til the end of cookie season and do it then!

The day after

See? This person gets it. Indulge yourself during Girl Scout cookie season, then get yourself under control.


These little evil geniuses know exactly what they are doing. I bet they made bank that day.

Mission: Possible

If I had a direct line to the Girl Scout cookie supplier, I think I would never see the light of day. I would live under a pile of cookies.


You can pay for Girl Scout cookies using almost any method these days, and thank goodness. You don't want to know what I would give up for some Samoas.


As good as Girl Scout cookies are, they aren't exactly good for you. It really sucks.

"Act cute!"

"Where were you in the great Girl Scout Cookie War of 2035?" is a question that we will all ask each other someday.

What you need

Girl Scouts will take none of your nonsense. They know what you need better than you do, and they will not tolerate your stupidity.


Oh my god, this is the best. I hope he bought a box of cookies because the Girl Scout was probably right.


The only good thing about the price of Girl Scout cookies going up is that I can't afford to buy that many anymore.

No one

Sometimes believing is enough to manifest the cookies of your dreams. Just believe. And maybe hang out in shopping center parking lots. Share this with a Girl Scout cookie fanatic you know!