Twin Mom Finds Hysterical Way to Field Questions From Curious (And Nosy) Strangers

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Those of us without direct experience with twin babies are very curious about them. Maybe we always wanted twins or always wished we were a twin. Maybe we just want to know how hard having twins really is. Or we are afraid — very afraid — of what these little natural clones are capable of.

Those of us who do have twins have to deal with these feelings of curiosity and the questions that come with them. Every twin parents knows what it’s like to be in public with their kids, where every outing turns into a Q&A session with strangers about what it’s like to have twins.

Sometimes our curiosity is a morbid one. We see these terrifying things, and this parent who is surviving with them, and we must know more! Like, how did this parent end up with these terrifying things? And how is she surviving with them?

The truth is that we (non-twin people) are awe struck by you (twin people). We find you fascinating for so many reasons. And so we ask questions. Some of our questions are friendly and well intentioned, and some are completely over the line and intrusive.

As any twin parent knows, questions and comments from strangers are a constant. And not all questions are polite or welcome. Oh, to have the nerve to deflect unwanted comments with a snappy reply and leave a wake of gobsmacked strangers behind as we go about our business!

She answered all the questions on a couple of signs. While she didn’t ultimately head out into the world with her kids as tiny billboards, she did share the photo on social media. And other twin moms could relate!

When you ask stupid questions, expect sarcastic answers. How many times does a parent of multiple kids have to be told by strangers that she has her hands full? Of course she does. She knows that. Telling her that what she’s doing looks hard (and that she makes it look hard) isn’t helping anybody. Want to help? Find the baby sock that has fallen off 53 times in the last half hour.

Whether or not a couple had fertility issues is NOT THE BUSINESS OF ANYONE ELSE. Why random strangers think it’s okay to ask about how a person conceived her children is unfathomable. So, again, ask stupid questions, expect sarcastic answers. “We did it twice in one night” is perfect.

With a level of irony only possible on the internet, some commenters just had to let Annie know that her signs were rude. For the most part, though, people understood the intended humor. And any parent of multiples can relate.

They say that there’s no such thing as a stupid question. They are clearly wrong and possibly stupid. Stupid questions exist, and we are not obliged to answer them.

While your intentions are good, instead of “Wow, you have your hands full!”— maybe fill her hands with something useful, like coffee. Or simply notice that her hands are indeed full and let her cut in front of you in line. Or see that she’s stressed because one of her offspring is screaming and offer a word of encouragement. “I’ve been there. You’re doing great!” will do a lot more good than a comment about how hard it all looks.

Public outings may be harder and more cumbersome, but her upper body strength is unmatched. Getting in and out of the car may require the strategy and execution skills of a military general, but she’s got one baby that makes her other baby laugh. And there is literally nothing cuter than that.