The Twins Who Played Emma in 'Friends' Are Starring in New Film 'Us' | 22 Words

Jordan Peele's new horror movie, Us, premiered this weekend to massive commercial success and hugely positive reviews. It tells the incredibly creepy story of the "tethered," a group of cloned humans who live in underground tunnels and are forced to re-enact whatever their human counterparts do on earth. The premise is pretty terrifying - but it's nothing compared to seeing the stars of the movie battle with the tethered versions of themselves in a gruesome battle.

Each of the actors in the movie are great in their own right. They all play the wholesome, "human" version of their character, alongside the terrifying tethered role, too. This gets even more confusing when you factor in the fact that the Tyler twins, who star in the movie, are also identical.

And fans of the movie have noticed something even more mind-boggling about the actors playing Becca and Lindsey (and Io and Nix). This wasn't their first time landing a big role - but you may not have instantly recognized them.

There's nothing like a horror movie to capture the internet's attention.

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Something about the high-adrenaline experience of watching a truly terrifying movie just makes you feel alive. And if there's an element of "WTF?" thrown into the mix, then all the better.

Which explains why Us has had such an impact.

The movie premiered on March 22nd, and has already had a profound effect on popular culture. People are incredibly impressed with (and freaked out by) the new movie.

The movie was directed by Jordan Peele.

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The director has already made horror movies with a secret social commentary his niche, with 2017's smash hit Get Out. Us is his second movie, and is already set to cement his status as one of the greats.

The movie depicts what initially seems to be an ordinary family vacation.

There's a mother, a father and two kids, all on a vacation in Northern California. As with many classic horrors, it lulls you into something of a false sense of security in the beginning - and it's surprisingly funny, too.

However, all is not as it seems.

As the family arrive back at their isolated vacation home, they notice another family on their driveway... Believing them to be looking for trouble, they call the police, but the intrusion is actually far more insidious than that.

Because the intruders are actually clones of the family they're terrorizing.

This family is known as the "tethered," and they are part of a nationwide group of underground clones who are staging a revolution. We'll stop here to avoid spoilers - but if you haven't yet, go see the movie!

In its opening weekend, Us has seen a huge amount of success.

This is somewhat surprising in today's movie climate, in which original storylines, minority casts, and the horror genre tend to not do so well with audiences.

People have been commenting on the excellent cast.

The fact that each actor has to play both the villain and the victim shows incredible range - but of course, Lupita Nyong'o steals the show as the movie's lead. We're in awe.

Of course, the internet has gone wild for the movie.

Anything that's a little bit creepy or unusual tends to be adopted online, and Us is no different. The memes have already started rolling in.

Fans have also pointed this out.

The fact that the tethered look exactly the same as their "normal" counterparts gives Us fans excellent costume potential - particularly if they have an identical twin!

The idea of facing off against yourself is truly horrifying.

The idea of your biggest enemy being yourself is something many found to be the creepiest aspect of the whole movie. Imagine being confronted with a slightly-off, deranged, homicidal version of the person you recognize the most.

The tethered's world is a work of horror genius.

Living in disused tunnels and performing whatever's going on on the earth's surface, trapped in a meaningless existence - it's the stuff that classic horror movies are built on, but it's certainly got an amazing, innovative twist.

The movie's success shows no signs of slowing down.

Many have it tipped for some serious awards in the coming months - not just for the incredible acting, but the writing, direction, and even music, which all play a crucial part in making the film so creepy!

There's another reason behind the movie's impact.

Many are blown away by the clear social commentary that the movie makes. Although Peele intended Us to be, first and foremost, a scary movie, it goes a little deeper than that.

Many have seen the film as an allegory about race.

The idea of being inherently afraid of "the other" - even though we aren't so different - is at the film's core. Many have read much into the movie's symbolism in terms of race and other social issues.

However, by looking so intently at the film's meaning, we might be missing the point.

Peele's Tweet confirmed his intention to make the film a horror film first and foremost - meaning any social commentary should be put on the back burner, behind the scares, even though we think it's genius!

On top of these multi-layers of meaning, fans have noticed something else, too.

One of the casting choices for the movie has really freaked fans out - and not in the usual ways you'd expect Us to be frightening.

Because two of the movie's stars are no strangers to our screens.

In fact, they played a massive role in Friends, one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. The only thing is, they're pretty much unrecognizable now...

The actors played the baby of Ross and Rachel, named Emma.

It's quite common for very young characters on television shows to be played by identical twins, which allows the young children adequate breaks in between work.

Emma was played by twins, Cali and Noelle Sheldon.

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The character was born in the finale of season 8 and she appeared sporadically throughout the 9th and 10th seasons of the show. Some episodes were entirely centered around Emma, most notably, "The One With The Cake."

The twins are a part of the movie's other family.

In contrast to the main family, the Thomas', the Tylers are wealthy and white. The family consists of two parents, played by Tim Heidecker and Elisabeth Moss, who have a fairly troubled relationship.

There are two kids in the Tyler family.

Unlike the brother and sister in the Thomas family, the Tylers have twin girls, called Becca and Lindsey. They're fairly standoffish and aren't particularly warm to those around them.

Becca and Lindsey Tyler are played by Cali and Noelle Sheldon.

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The twins were born on June 17th, 2002, making them exceptionally young when they got their first big role as Emma Geller. The pair are now seventeen-years-old.

In Us, every character has a quasi-twin.

These "twins" are actually terrifying clones that live under the ground, but, you know, close enough... This means Noelle and Cali had to play both moody teenage girls, and their evil (and acrobatic) counterparts, Io and Nix.

The internet went wild at the news.

Here, you can see the Sheldon twins in character as Becca and Lindsey Tyler in Us - looking quite different from their first television appearance!

Since Friends, the twins have mostly taken an acting hiatus.

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Their appearance in Us is by far their biggest role since their original one as Emma Geller. Here they are at the movie's premiere in New York last week.

People are freaked out by the news.

In a movie that is already pretty mind-bending, it's strange that the most unbelievable thing about it is that these actors played Emma in Friends.

Some have taken it kind of personally...

The fact that we all remember Emma as a tiny baby, and the actors who played her are now demonstrably teenage, makes us realize quite how much time has passed since Friends ended - and how old that makes all of us!

Some have used famous Friends scenes in reaction.

The shock is very real - and we can't help laughing imagining Ross's reaction to the twins' doppelgangers' killing spree.

We have to say, the casting choice was excellent.

Both as the surly teens and the horrifying clones, Cali and Noelle absolutely killed it - no pun intended!