These Wrong Twin Stories Are Proof That Having an Identical Twin Has Its Awkward Moments

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Who else was amazed when they found out they used both Olsen babies during the filming of ‘Full House’?

Property Brothers is one of my favorite shows on HGTV.

I have a friend that has identical twin boys that I can never tell apart no matter how many times she tells me which is which. I can’t wait to hear the ‘Parent Trap’ pranks they will pull on her when they’re older.

These commercials made me want a twin so badly that my mom would dress my brother and I in similar clothes. It just wasn’t the same. Sorry, mom!

Awkward is definitely the key word here. We have some stories that were shared on Reddit about it.

This could have ended badly but luckily he thought to suggest to call his twin to straighten the confusing situation out.

This is no biggie for these twins.

I just hope the message was relayed to the twin this was intended for.

I guess marrying someone who has an identical twin is like a packaged deal.

And they have each other’s backs for all of it, or most of it.    

I wonder if she ever found out that she slapped the wrong twin.

This is the kind of prank I would pull.

Imagine being threatened that you’ll be sent to prison because someone mistook you for your twin? Yeah, that doesn’t sound fun but must come with the twin territory, I guess.

This baby can’t identify which of these twins is her father and watching her reaction is adorable.

This is the type of twin confusion that gives me anxiety.

I’m not even comfortable thinking about it.

Probably one of the reasons I never dated anyone that was a twin.

There are more awkward twin stories ahead.

That was close.

Imagine all of the awkwardness of twin stories plus one more.

I mean, don’t make your kids cry but the tricks could be fun.

My “confused Britney” look is on point.

You have to figure out a way to tell them apart without them noticing.

But this mom is probably tired of trying to figure out which itwin is which.

And by how most of these stories have played out, it’s confusing.

Sounds like having a twin is like having a real-life reflection next to you most of the time.

I feel like I saw this in a movie or spanish soap opera.

After thinking about it, it seems that laughing is definitely appropriate.

I just saw a picture of Jon Heder and his twin brother, now I can’t tell which one of them played Napoleon.

All of these cringe-worthy situations haven’t changed my mind, twins are extraordinary.