Mom Says Her Twins Were Born Two Years Apart but No One Believes Her When She Tells Them

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The birth of a child is an incredible thing for any parent. But what’s even more incredible is the birth of twins 2 years apart from each other. Doesn’t sound possible, does it? Well, thanks to the wonderful invention of IVF, anything is possible.

Rachel McCarthy and her partner Mac, are parents to Jorgey, 4, and Vinney, 2, who were both conceived through IVF.

Jorgey and Vinney were conceived from the same batch of embryos meaning that despite being born with 2 years difference, they are actually non-identical twins.

Rachel and Mac began IVF after they decided they wanted children but couldn’t as Mac, who has 2 daughters from a previous relationship, had previously had a vasectomy.

Mac tried to have his vasectomy reversed but it was unsuccessful leaving the couple with few options.

The couple, who were unable to have IVF through the NHS, saved to have private IVF treatment aboard where it cost them more than $7,000.

“Mac’s vasectomy reversal didn’t work so we knew that IVF was the only way we would be able to have children,” Rachel told The Sun.

Rachel and Mac traveled to Spain for their treatment where their first 2 attempts of IVF, which took up to a month per time, were sadly unsuccessful. The couple continued trying the treatment for eighteen months before finally, their luck changed. Eventually, the treatment worked and 4 embryos were created.

Rachel and Mac then made the decision to have 2 of the embryos transferred to begin with while the other 2 embryos were frozen for a later date.

From the first transfer, Rachel fell pregnant with twins but sadly after a few weeks, one twin died.

Rachel said, “From the first transfer I fell pregnant with twins but at the twelve-week scan we found out only one had survived – Jorgey. It was hard because I wanted to be happy and excited that one baby had survived but at the same time I was really sad that the other one hadn’t – I felt guilty for feeling happy.”

Jorgey was born a healthy baby.

Following that, the couple then decided to use their final 2 frozen embryos. They agreed that this was their last chance to try and get pregnant and had them transferred.

A similar scenario to last occurred, with Rachel falling pregnant with twins before sadly losing one. However, despite the loss of one twin, Rachel delivered their son Vinney in June 2019.

Since then, the siblings have become inseparable – with Rachel even claiming that they share a twin intuition!

“2 years is quite a difference when they’re young so people can’t believe it when I say they’re twins,” she said.

Would you believe that you could have twins who were born 2 years apart?