Twitter Is Obsessed With Video of Jennifer Garner Bathing her Cat

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The amazing 13 going on 30 actress Jennifer Garner who’s now forty-nine years old has caught the attention of her fans recently when a video circulated of the star bathing her cat.

And it’s truly adorable.

It also seemed like a bit of an uphill climb, too.

Isn’t there something about everything that Garner does that makes you love her even more… Even when it comes to telling the whole world that her cat pooped himself?

“Something’s gone array,” she started to say in the video before covering her cat’s ears. “Moose pooped his pants,” she then whispered.

Poor Mr. Moose, right?

And then she pops the rather large Moose into the sink, and starts massaging him with shampoo.

We don’t think we’ve ever seen that many suds.

“Oh is that nice? Oh, what a good cat…” she lovingly said to Moose. But, it seemed as though the smell of his little accident got the better of her, pulling her face and announcing that it: “Smells even more.” Yikes.

We think she offended big old Moose at this point because he tried to escape as quickly as possible.

But, he unfortunately failed in his mission, having to endure in the next clip, being serenaded.

“Yes I’ve seen the muffin man, he lives on Drury Lane,” Garner sang.

And although Moose didn’t seem to like his pamper session, it did look rather relaxing.

“I’ve never met a nicer cat than this cat, which is why I feel badly for making fun of what’s happened to his butt, there’s something caught,” she says before apologizing to her furry friend as he tries to make a run for it yet again.

However this time…

He wasn’t giving up, clawing at her clothes, and trying to escape from her grip.

“What’s to be done? What would my mom do?” She said, drenched, and a little bit scratched, while Moose tried crawling over her shoulder.

And then, after a little bit more scratching, and wriggling while garner tried washing the soapy Moose, he was finally done with his pamper.

“I’ll never forget this as long as I live,” she hilariously whispered.

“Mom don’t look at this,” she then said to herself while trying to mop up her soaked floors with a towel. “She’d be so mad.”

“Oh, we didn’t get to do conditioner,” Garner finished.

But, let’s be honest, I bet the actress was kind of relieved her client only wanted a shampoo treatment, right?