Twitter Reveals What It’s Been Like to Spend 3 Weeks With Family and It’s a Lot

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Cities are on lockdown and social distancing and self-quarantine are being enforced with experts uncertain of when all of this will end. For now, we are all doing our part to help flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though we may wish we were a celebrity who’s isolated in a mansion, we’re making the best of the space we live in. And staying home during the pandemic doesn’t sound all that bad unless you have to be in quarantine with your family.

Don’t get me wrong, spending quality time with family is a gift we’re all grateful for. But spending time with family while in quarantine is the type of thing that can make a sane person crazy. It’s too noisy for conference calls, there is no privacy, and everyone is competing for the quarantine snacks. After weeks in quarantine, you’re probably reaching your breaking point, but you are not alone.

Using the hashtag after3weekswithmyfamily people on Twitter are revealing how chaotic being in quarantine with there family is. And in solidarity, we’re sharing their tweets with you. Because after spending time in quarantine with the family, with no end in sight, we all deserve to see the humor in the mayhem.

I don’t have a job but I will apply for something.

If you’re going to be stuck at home, may as well try to live your best life.

This is also why the grocery stores are low in snacks.

Maybe having a new family will help us get through quarantine with our family.

I’ve done this and can say with confidence that it’s helpful.

Being in quarantine with kids is a whole other mess that needs it’s own hashtag.

We’re invading their home, cats have a right to be upset.

I don’t know about you, but this sounds serious. I certainly would not eat.

And snapping pictures of your cats, whether they want you to or not, is as good a way to spend your time as any.

I think maybe we’re all ready to be let out (let OOOUUUTTTT), but remember: there are still so many shows on Netflix to watch.

So many people are worried about whether or not their kids are learning during quarantine, but what about our dogs? We’re responsible for their education too.

Sometimes you simply need to see your family scurry around like ants, trying to solve a problem for which they are ill-equipped, just to feel alive.

Hey, by adopting that baby 12 years ago, the neighbors asked for this.

There’s only one thing now that can settle this — who’s name is on the deed?

You have to admit — the man never chased his family with the axe. He only slowly pursued.

Usually, when you meet a long-lost family member and see that you share a trait with them, it’s something nice, like having green eyes. You don’t want it to be that you’re both emotionally deficient hot-heads.

Hopefully this guy here is getting all his stabbing out on raw hunks of meat and/or pillows.

Hey, remember Liar Liar? Great movie.

I know because my kids have made me watch it 6,743 times since quarantine began.

You don’t want to get taken out of your family’s will. Then your lousy cousins will end up with all that sweet, sweet jewelry.

Although, I would rather have my in-laws show up without notice than a disease capable of grinding the entire world economy to a halt.

All that hard work was supposed to be for something.

Why go to a soul-crushing job every day for 40 years if you were going to get old and still be stuck with your annoying kids?

You know things are back when going to work becomes a release.

Listen, it’s important to learn about Britney Spears these days, as going outside right now is absolutely toxic.

The best part of being home is eating the endless food you don’t have to pay for. Also being together with loved ones and blah blah blah.

At least he didn’t shout “Daddy! I choose you!” because that’s been deemed admissible in custody hearings.

Listen, you get more than one kid, and it’s tough to keep all their names straight. I’ve got two myself — one named Mark and one named Bark. No, that doesn’t sound right. Ah, who cares.

If they head to the laundry room first, you’re done for. (Parents love to hide Easter baskets in the dryer.)

Imagine being able to cut your mom’s hair. Finally, an opportunity to put all the anger and pain she’s inflicted on you back on her… by giving her a mullet.

Whatever you do, make sure you’re running no more than six feet in front of or behind all the other people running away from their families.

For the life of me, I could never figure out what Jazzy Jeff did to make Uncle Phil so angry all the time.

Remember when we were all getting together to watch The Bachelor finale? That was like a month ago, and it feels like another life entirely.

Robotic voice: Goodbye.

Hey, Alexa? I get it. We’re the worst.

At least I’ve got a family to give out these emergency hugs. They’re pretty good.

It’d be much worse if you all smelled like Chipotle, because we’re all supposed to be staying home and ordering delivery.

Also, it is very cute and very quaint to see here the internet be represented by a floppy disk.

Sacrifices have to be made.

Sleeping for months straight sounds really nice.

And we’ll probably look like this for the next few months.

Thank goodness there is no shortage of wine.

I hope everyone in my family appreciates the hair cuts I’m going to have to give them.

Being in a jail cell may be the only way to get a peaceful quarantine nap.

Introverts are going to need a social purge after this.

Something we all need to do every day while the lockdown is going on.

I would do anything for an invisible cloak at this very moment.

Good luck with surviving the quarantine without wifi.

And to think we have so much more to go in quarantine.

It might be a good time to tidy up everything in your home.

Not every balcony is having a party or symphony. A lot of them are of people doing this.

The Simpsons is next on my list to binge.

No one ever goes down to the basement.

We seriously need a 2020 do over.

And together we’ll end up crazier than ever.

Perhaps that neighbor has a pool and if that’s the case then I’m in.

If that means that I’ll get a bit of alone time then I give up to.

Just turn on some nature sounds and it’s the real thing.

And we should be happy for them.

Let’s flatten the curve so we can be free again. Enjoyed these? Well, stay tuned for some parenting quarantine hacks. Recently, Jimmy Fallon asked the internet for their quarantine parenting hacks, and boy, did they deliver…