Two Cats Live Alone in a Silicon Valley Apartment for $1,500 a Month | 22 Words

This article will separate all of humanity into two camps. Believe me – it'll divide friendships. While some will think, "Oh my god this is perfect," others will probably say "we have reached the end of civilization, these are dark days!" And honestly, I'm not sure who is correct when it comes to this story. I don't mean to overstate the importance of my own writing, but this is a topic that will change you.

This is the story about two cats (yes, cats) who rent an apartment that costs more money than my mortgage. So join me, my friends, on an important journey down the deep dark hole of an alternate universe where cats can rent apartments and mostly everyone is cool with it.

Meet Tina and Louise.

As you can see, Tina and Louise are cats. Silly, fluffy, unemployed cats.

Tina and Louise live alone.

Wait, let's back up here for a minute. Tina and Louise have their own apartment? Like, without a human? But, don't worry y'all – it's only a STUDIO.

Hold on to your butts.

The fact that these animals have their own real estate is not the part of this story that is more mind-boggling. Just wait until you see the price tag.

This is literally more money than my mortgage.

$1,500.00 a month. For your cats to live in an apartment alone.

Is this peak Silicon Valley?

Or maybe peak Millennial? Or just peak whatever group you think is at fault for today's problems? Whatever it is, it seems a little bit excessive.

Some people were just happy for the cats.

Live your best lives Tina and Louise! You get it!

I do love my cats though.

Even if $1,500.00 a month seems a little steep, I can understand the impulse – all I ever want to do is pamper my fluffy little felines.

It's what the cats deserve.

Seriously, we should be worshipping these sweet babies.

Just maybe not...QUITE so intensely.

With the challenges of finding affordable housing in the Bay Area, it does seem a little bit like a slap in the face for this person to prioritize their cats over actual humans.

Mike Rosenburg cuts through all the BS and lays down some serious truth.

Maybe we should be taking care of each other instead of pampering cats who probably don't even care?

The rich truly live in a world of their own.

How out of touch do you have to be to not realize that people around you are desperate for living space?

What a great time to be alive.

It does hurt when you see this in comparison to some of the brutal poverty that exists just nearby.

Honestly though they're getting a good deal.

Actual Bay Area residents piped in to note that $1500 was dirt cheap for housing there. Why can't someone rent to ME for that cost?

Or better yet...

Why doesn't this rich dude house some broke Millennials for a while?

The whole thing sounds like House Hunters: Cats Edition.

He's a squirrel watcher, she's a mouse chaser. Combined their salary is $0, but their ideal price range is $1500 per month.

It's kind of funny, but also ridiculous.

Who ARE these people shelling out $1500 a month for their pets?

But then we started to get curious...

What situation gave rise to this? Well, it turns out that the dad couldn't take the kitties with him when he moved, and his daughter was off to college. Don't worry, she'll move them in with her in a few months.

A creative solution.

Some people were impressed with his outside of the box thinking to make sure the kitties didn't get surrendered.

Ope, it was still a horrible solution.

But why pay a working class person to do a job when you can pay a landlord to do nothing AND use up challenging to find affordable housing?

Don't worry, there's more.

Apparently, these cats are paying $1500 a month for a place with no kitchen... What on earth is happening over there, San Jose? Are you okay?

Apparently they're not.

This story has created a lot of rage-fueled wall punches in nearby areas.

Someone close to the situation jumps in to point out that this isn't feasible housing for actual humans.

Ok fair, but why is it $1500 and why are people renting out unlivable shacks?

It all makes the housing crisis seem more absurd.

You too can live in a shack for $1500 if you just move to Silicon Valley.

But the real question...

If you love your cats so much you'll shell out for them, why would you ever want them to be all alone without anyone to give them love?

Cats need love too.

Cats need companionship and good socialization. Who knows how these sweeties will do without their special someone?

Who will boop their tiny snoots?


If they need someone to love those furbabies...


I'm certainly more than happy to do the job. They clearly need a good snuggle.

Please don't mention this to my cats.

Those little jerks will definitely start making demands, and momma doesn't have this kind of pocket money.

Honestly they're already spoiled rotten.

I really just live in their house, which is as it should be with cats. Maybe Mr. Silicon Valley can move in with his owners?

Don't miss the best part.

When you notice their names. Perfection.