Two-Month-Old Girl Becomes Kentucky Tornado’s Youngest Victim

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A 2-month-old girl has become the youngest victim of the Kentucky Tornadoes.

It comes after extreme weather and tornadoes ripped through the area.

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More than seventy people have died after tornadoes stormed across the south and midwest of the US over the weekend.

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Around 30 tornadoes have been estimated to have tore through Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee and Arkansas resulting in complete devastation in many towns.

Kentucky Governor, Andy Beshear, estimated over the weekend that the death toll could reach as high as a hundred.

“Earlier this morning at about 5am we were pretty sure that we would lose over 50 Kentuckians,” he said. “I am now certain that that number is north of 70, it may in fact end up exceeding 100 before the day is done.”

“This has been one of the toughest nights in Kentucky history,” he said during a press conference.

“The damage is even worse now that we have first light. But everywhere along the line of this tornado that touched down and stayed down for over for 227 miles has been severely and significantly impacted.”

The governor added the town of Mayfield in far western Kentucky had been badly affected as a roof collapse in a factory had resulted in “mass casualties.”

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Dozens are believed to have been killed at a candle factory where they were working when the storm hit.

Speaking in a press conference on Saturday, President Joe Biden said they will do “whatever is needed” to help those affected by the devastation, CNBC reports.

“The federal government will do everything, everything it can possibly do to help,” Biden said. “I promise you, whatever is needed, whatever is needed, the federal government is going to find a way to supply it.”

In a tweet, Biden also added they are “working with Governors” to ensure that states “have what they need.”

“This morning, I was briefed on the devastating tornadoes across the central U.S. To lose a loved one in a storm like this is an unimaginable tragedy. We’re working with Governors to ensure they have what they need as the search for survivors and damage assessments continue.”

During a press conference on Monday, Beshear confirmed that the death total is continuing to rise.

He also said that sadly at least 109 people remain unaccounted for. 

“I’m really sorry,” Beshear said, the Daily Mail reports.

“You’re not supposed to lose people like this, and to not know and not have the information has got to make it that much harder.”

Among those who tragically lost their life due to the tornado’s is 2-month-old, Oaklynn Koon.

Oaklynn tragically succumbed to her injuries 2 days after her parents tried to protect her from the extreme weather.

In a bid to protect the family, Oaklynn’s parents, Doug and Jackie, had strapped her into her car seat in the bathroom, sat her brothers in the bathtub and covered themselves in pillows, the outlet reports.

Despite their efforts, they were thrown from their home and to the other side of their neighbor’s house as the tornado hit.

As a result of the impact, Oaklynn suffered a stroke, a swollen head and injuries to her neck, the outlet reports.

Doug and Jackie announced Oaklynn’s passing on Facebook, writing: “Miss Oaklynn. passed away.”

They later added: “At least I know who will be watching over you up there for me. My dad. God this doesn’t seem real.”

Our thoughts are with all those affected by the incident.

Rest in peace, Oaklynn Koon.