Depending on what your job is, the question"What do you for a living?" can seem like a ticking bomb. Some people have jobs that inspire a lot of curiosity or praise. Others have jobs where they get the same invasive and inappropriate questions that they have no idea how to answer. Or, the same stupid jokes that they are forced to laugh at every time, and the same suggestions for how to do their job better. This can be infuriating!

So @Gigs_and_hills on Twitter decided to do a little experiment. He asked people to share the most common responses or questions that they get about their job, without revealing their actual job title. And the responses are incredible. It seems as if many people get the same questions, and it can be easy to tell what some do for work, based on the responses. Of course, with anything good in this world, there are also some people who are really rude!

Twitter user, Steve H, asked this interesting question:

And the people on Twitter delivered! There were nearly 2,000 responses to this tweet, which were all fascinating on many levels. Take a look at some of our favorite answers.


In subsequent tweets, it was revealed that this person is a metadata librarian, which requires a degree! Library science is a thing!

Gendered profession

He's a babysitter! It's so sad that childcare has become a gendered profession.

Eye doctor

OK, if I met an eye doctor, I would do the exact same thing. Sorry, but I'm blind and I need answers!

Computer expert

I wonder how many people ask them if they can hack into an ex's computer and how many old people ask them if they can hook up their printer.


How rude is this?! Obviously, spell-check is an extremely flawed system and real, human proofreaders and copyeditors are necessary.

"A what?"

It's a real pain when people ask you to do what you do professionally for free or "as a friend." My answer would be like, "Yeah, sure, I can make your website. For my going rate."

Everyone's a writer

Writing is a learned skill! It's not something everyone can do. I love the idea of responding with something like, "Oh yeah, I've been thinking about performing brain surgery soon. I haven't gotten around to it."

Explain that again.

This is like Chandler's job in Friends. Some people have jobs where no matter how much they talk about it, it's still unclear what they do.


Either this person is an archaeologist or one of those evil scientists from Jurassic World who try to breed new dinosaurs.

"Free time"

Listen up, people! Childcare is a full-time job, especially if you are also homeschooling those kids. No more shaming people for taking care of their kids.

Can you?

Honestly, this could apply to anything, a website, a bathroom renovation or landscaping. If you provide a service, chances are someone will ask you to do it for free.

Hot in here!

Ah yes, I would think this is the first question a professional mascot always gets. Also, that GIF is disturbing.


I'm assuming this person is a nurse, which makes this comment insulting. Nursing is its own, highly respectable profession, people!


Again with the rudeness! A veterinary nurse or technician might not have aspirations to be a veterinarian, and that's more than OK! They already have a very noble profession.

In school

Do you think he's a mathematician? I think he's a mathematician. Oh yep, his Twitter bio says "Head of School of Mathematics and Physics at Portsmouth University."

So nice.

I bet she's a dentist! Dentists are evil. I'm sorry, but if you like putting people through that, you are evil.

Love to read

In later tweets, she reveals that she is a professional book reviewer. This sounds like a great job for someone who likes to read.

Free tickets

If you work for a concert venue or a sports arena, I bet you get this all the time. Also, can I get some free tickets?

Dead bodies and fingerprints

Um, yes, this does sound extremely interesting, and I want to shadow this person and learn about everything that they do.

Really smart

I guess this is supposed to be a compliment, but it kind of sounds like an insult! And what are you supposed to say to something like that?


Believe it or not, there are other companies besides Pixar and Disney that do animation!

Social media

Oh man, try explaining to a baby boomer that you work in social media. I dare you.

"Paid to babysit"

It was revealed in later tweets that this person is a teacher. Let me be clear: Teachers are some of the most important professionals there are. It is so much more than babysitting (which is also important).

Apple employee

Maybe he is Tim Cook's personal assistant, but there's a greater chance he is not. And a good chance he can't access the big guy.

Knives and horseshoes

This person is a blacksmith, which is super cool, sure, but I have a feeling it's not all knives and horseshoes.


Sure, as I said before, dentists are evil, but even they don't deserve to be assaulted by people's open mouths on their days off.

Massage therapist

Um, I think that question counts as harassment, and I would not blame this person one bit if they punch these people in the throat.

Plant expert

Maybe this person is a landscaper or gardener. Whatever they do, it's not their job to keep your plants alive.

"I should try that"

This woman is an actor. Yeah, whoever says things like that would be terrible actors. Share this with someone who has an interesting job!